Monday Morning Sugar Fix

94 days until launch

Monday morning blahs getting you?  Well, if you find yourself in the Garment District, or near Times Square, check out Paris Baguette (567 7th Ave)- only the best bakery on earth. Paris Baguette has no actual connection to Paris, and you really don’t go there for the baguette, but they make really really good cakes and pastries.  The fresh cream cake is to die for.



Then check out these iconic sculptures of the Garment District that are right down the block.IMG_1496



Old School Inspiration: Charles James Exhibition at the MET

103 days until launch



Checked out the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit at the MET last night with my dad – it always takes visitors from out-of-town to remind me to go see these cultural gems in NYC. I love how James’s very feminine couture gowns were inspired by architecture and timeless notions of balance.  This quote above from the exhibition caught my eye – it resonated with me in this build phase of HEUCY.  The reward for being so studious – the views of the kind of architecture that might have influenced Charles James from the rooftop of the MET (they happen to also serve nice drinks up there).

Seeing Red

104 days until launch

A roll of “Fire Red” fabric arrived today from our dye house in LA for us to test.  Woo-hoo!  With a tinge of orange – this shade is saucy, festive and modern. Exciting to get my hands on this roll of lava!


IMG_1400Spending the day draping this beautiful fabric inspired me to get out my fire red McQ flats. Kicking back with good friends and a glass of rose at Cookshop.

One Fine Fit


106 days until launch

This is me fitting a HEUCY style with our amazing pattern maker Olivia yesterday. Fittings can be a magical time – this is when the inspiration, sketching and choice of fabric become reality and you get to touch, feel and drape and re-drape your vision into an actual garment.  It also helps when you have an amazing pattern maker like Olivia.  Over the years Olivia and I have made hundreds of dresses together – literally hundreds – so we can perfect the fit of a dress together without even speaking.  Like two old dance partners we operate in synch, she understands my creative vision and I understand the way she constructs the pattern.