“Out to Lunch With Livia Firth”

80 days until launch

“Out to Lunch With Livia Firth”

Love this article in the current September issue of Vanity Fair featuring Livia Firth – eco-fashion activist (married to Colin Firth). She is inspirational in her drive and efforts to make the fashion industry greener and more thoughtful, but also seems accessible and unsanctimonious about her cause. I appreciate the following categorization of “sustainable”.

Her informal eco-stylishness defines her….her trousers, from the London shop Joseph, weren’t “eco” or “ethical,” however, but several years old and therefore “sustainable”.

Often having too hard of a line on what we should or should not wear, eat or do in order to be “eco” or “ethical” creates a bar that is unrealistic to achieve. Small steps to not be wasteful like wearing and re-wearing trusted garments (80 days until that is your trusted Heucy dress) also counts!

Livia is also seriously chic – she and her husband also made the best dressed couple list.

best dressed list – couples

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