#TBT — “The Breakfast Club” & High School Reunions


I was just thinking that my 25th high school reunion was a little over a year ago!  Which made me think of the following: Why does my high school (in Atlanta) still solicit donations from me, when I live in New York?  And does a $20 donation really make a difference, or should I just give up this charade?  And, most importantly…where in the world is the cast of one of the best movies of all time, “The Breakfast Club”??!!!  Is Judd Nelson really short in real life?  Are Molly Ringwald’s kids the same age as mine, and could they go to the same school one day?  The list goes on and on from here.

Anyhoo, I wore my #HighSchoolReunion yesterday and that may also be why teen life (read: angst) was on the brain.  I think part of the reason why “The Breakfast Club” resonated with so many people in “our generation” — and later — is because people were labeled as “the jock” or “the nerd” or “the princess.”  Some mornings I think I could be labeled “the basket case”…but that’s another story for another day.

Even later in life, people tend to get labeled.  “The supermom” or “The working woman” or “The workout girl”, to name a few…and I think one of the great things about HEUCY’s versatility is that the clothes can accommodate any lifestyle choice.  A HEUCY style can work for you whether you are one, all, or none of the things above.  Maybe we’ll be the catalyst for a new trend: no more labels.


I wore my #HighSchoolReunion to two school drop offs (chalk stains included…very easy to wipe off of modal jersey fabric), to the dentist, to work and a lunch meeting, and then to play ponies with my daughter on our kitchen floor.  I had it on at 10:30pm last night when I realized I should be in bed…because my husband is out of town and my kids would wake me up before the sun rises.

And another day begins.  Happy #TBT, everyone!


The HEUCY Team

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