Coco Chanel & HEUCY’s Problem Solver


Today, HEUCY met with Julie Sabatino (our new girl crush and founder of “The Stylish Bride”, and our conversation veered toward the subject of hem lines.  You can’t really discuss (ahem) hem lines without talking about the one and only Coco Chanel.  Julie also mentioned that she had started out working in finance before finding her real passion as a fashion and wedding stylist.

Which led us to another stream-of-consciousness thought.  One of HEUCY’s favorite Coco Chanel quotes is, “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”  As we near the official launch of HEUCY’s e-commerce site later this month, Suwha and I have had a chance to think about “second acts” and being who and what you want to be.

One thing we will never be: perfect.  Honestly, who is?  And would you really want to be around someone who is?  One thing we can be: ourselves.  It’s exciting to know that you can leave a career you’re not satisfied with, or not inspired by, that’s not really “you”…and pursue something else.  Or leave a relationship, be it work or personal, and find something that’s more fulfilling.  The hard work and sacrifice is worth it, to land on a pursuit that makes you happier, smarter and “better” in the long run.

On that note, we’d like to highlight the HEUCY #ProblemSolver in Black.  This was Julie’s favorite style, and we think it captures today’s thoughts nicely.  One of our goals at HEUCY is to solve problems — you don’t have a ton of time to get dressed in the morning, you don’t have time for multiple outfit changes throughout the day…and/or you are on your “second act” and the usual suspects (workout gear, business casual, skinny jeans) just don’t work for you anymore.  Here’s a little tool to help make those problems go away.  Available for pre-order now at


The HEUCY Team

Red Letter Day — Moulin Rouge is 125??!!

In celebration of The Moulin Rouge’s 125th anniversary (which, for some reason, makes us feel old…we wish we had been contemporaries of Toulouse Lautrec), here’s HEUCY’s #ProblemSolver in our favorite shade of Red.  Bright and bold and paired with leopard.  And made in the USA.  Get ready for the holidays, ladies!  Available for pre-order now at


Monday’s Musing: “Homeland” and Backpacks

Was anyone else up last night, after normal bedtime, watching the new season premiere of “Homeland”…and then lying in bed, mind reeling, wondering how everything will play out?  Some pretty deep, dark stuff.  Almost too much to handle on a Sunday night.

The HEUCY team was also thinking, how can Carrie wear a cross-body bag when she’s gathering intelligence and fighting terrorism?  A backpack would be so much more practical.  Our model is wearing one here, with the HEUCY #PerfectTen dress…which, come to think of it, would be much more comfortable and versatile than those pantsuits Carrie keeps wearing.  Perfect for overnight flights too.


Coming soon: our list of the Top Ten Backpacks, as this is one trend that might be here for a while.  We heart backpacks at HEUCY.  They hold A LOT of belongings and save your back A LOT of pain!  Also, you can switch to “front carriage” mode if you’re worried about getting mugged on the subway.  Or, in Carrie’s case, dodging all sorts of danger.

Happy Monday, friends.


The HEUCY Team

Staying “Connected”…with actual humans

HEUCY attended Randi Zinn’s #beyondmommixer last night, and we were so impressed by the planning that went into it.  In particular, Randi’s intention behind who she wanted to include, and how best to “connect” people who may have common goals, career paths, etc.  Thanks, Randi, for including us in such a worthwhile and fun event!  We also just read a great article in the New York Times about IRL social clubs and Dinner with Bevy, and other “dinner party” networking events where people actually talk and eat together. Physically. In person.  Sometimes they even dance!


This week’s theme has become (somewhat unintentionally) about people actually interacting and connecting in “real life” — not just through Instagram, or Twitter, or any other type of social media.  Disclaimer: HEUCY loves Instagram, and all of those other things…but as the weekend approaches, let’s think about putting down our phones and enjoying some literal “face time” with friends and loved ones.

Sequence 02.Still007

Shameless promo opportunity: the HEUCY Date Night dress is a great way to “connect” with a loved one.  Adjustable side zipper and all…TGIF!


Your friends at HEUCY

#TBT: Dove Real Beauty Campaign


Do you remember the Dove Real Beauty Campaign from 2004?  We recall thinking, at the time, how revolutionary it was to put “real” models in a beauty ad.  It was so refreshing!  And the campaign is still as relevant now (a decade later!) as it was then.

The video below, one of Dove’s recent “Real Beauty Sketches”, emphasizes an important point.  We need to stop focusing on what we want to change about ourselves — such as losing weight, or getting rid of wrinkles we may or may not have — and enjoy the things we like.  Who has time for negative thoughts, anyway?  A healthy self-image really does impact everyone in our lives…colleagues, friends, partners, spouses, children, family, strangers.

Today’s #TBT is a big thank you to the Dove #WeAreBeautiful marketing team!  Here at HEUCY, we hope that our clothes make you feel as good as this campaign makes us feel.

Every Mother Counts


HEUCY recently had the pleasure of hearing Christy Turlington talk about her work for Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness and funds to stop the rate of maternal mortality.  We didn’t realize that almost 287,000 women die every year from complications during pregnancy and childbirth.  Some women have to walk the length of a marathon just to reach a hospital.  In this day and age, figures like that just don’t make sense.

We found Turlington’s personal story impactful, too.  She had experienced a childbirth complication which led her to the Every Mother Counts cause.  Now, she is a busy mom of two, trying to balance the demands of work and projects with a healthy home life…just like many of us are.  One thing Turlington cited, which keeps her balanced, is something HEUCY wholeheartedly supports: trying to have a personal connection with an actual human, at least once a day.  Time to grab coffee with a friend.

To learn more about Every Mother Counts, and how you can help, go to