#Movember Special: Levle Framing…Trust Us. You’ll Like It.


We’re about to share something that may make you smile.  HEUCY Dude Josh Hubball (husband of our friend and — natch — HEUCY Gal Harriet Hubball) recently launched a really awesome web tool that is made for busy people craving a little simplicity.  It’s called Levle — and it’s a way for you to frame all of those prints/photos/maps/posters/flat things that have been sitting in your closet purgatory waiting to be framed…but it just hasn’t happened yet.  We know why.  It’s because you’re either too busy to physically get to the framer and/or so busy you forgot this stuff was sitting in a closet.  Or you bought a cool screen print at a yard sale and couldn’t wait to to get it framed…until you realized that it’s an odd size and would require finding and paying for very expensive framing.  Arduous = not fun.  And not realistic.

Luckily, now there’s Levle!  Here’s how it works.  Go to www.levleframes.com and provide the dimensions of your poster, print or photo, and then preview different frame and mat combinations until you find the one that suits best. The final frame is handcrafted and shipped to your door within a week. When it arrives, simply insert your artwork and mount on the wall using the included hardware.  Seriously.

And, to make it even sweeter, Levle has been beta testing printing and framing its customer photos for the last few weeks, and wants to open it up even wider. You’ll be able to do this on your own using the site relatively soon, but in the meantime Levle is providing personal service on each photo order to make sure you are completely satisfied. They’re also printing and mounting your photos for free right now – you just pay for the frame!

Here are the steps:

1. Email the photo(s) you’d like to frame to photos@levleframes.com
2. Hang tight while Levle checks the image resolution and prepares your options
3. Levle will send back a link that you can use to size and customize a frame
4. Upon purchase, Levle prints your photo, mounts it in the frame, and ships it out

All you’ll need is a hammer to hang the framed photo when it arrives.

I mean, this is pretty awesome.  Josh, did Harriet give this idea to you?  Just kidding.  We love our HEUCY Dudes/Entrepreneurs!

Happy Friday — and Happy Framing!


The HEUCY Team

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