The BEST Holiday Playlist…True Story

Sean Mahoney

One of our fave HEUCY Dudes (and in-house DJ) Sean Mahoney is blessed with a wicked sense of humor (insert Massachusetts accent here) and he has an insane ear for music. Sean writes musicals – i.e. the kind you would actually pay to see – and he has great taste in general, so we always defer to him when it comes to music. He has kindly bestowed upon us – and now, you – his favorite holiday playlist. (Side note: Sean is also married to HEUCY Gal Emily, who is our pro bono life coach and basically the woman Team HEUCY wants to be when we grow up).

Sean says, “When I DJ around the holidays, I like to avoid the standard over-played sleigh bell songs and draw from a wide array of genres and styles, including some snowballs down the middle. Try some of these the next time you want to puke up your egg nog from hearing Mariah Carey again.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, Sean. This is a wicked good list. Enjoy!

Santa’s Got a Bag Of Soul -The Soul-Saints Orchestra

Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade

Someday at Christmas – Stevie Wonder

Christmas Rapping – The Waitresses

Little Saint Nick – Beach Boys

Dreidel – Robert Walter

Jingle Bell Rock – Hall and Oates

Let It Snow – Frank Sinatra

Christmas Time Is Here – Vince Guaraldi

Holiday – Madonna

Sleigh Ride – The Ronettes (or TLC)

Blue Christmas – Elvis

Christmas (Please Come Home) – Darlene Love

Feed The World – Band Aid

Christmas In Hollis – Run DMC

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Dean Martin

Fairytale Of New York- The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl


The HEUCY Team

#Movember Throwback: Top Five Holiday Gifts for Dudes

It’s the Friday before Christmas. Do you know where your boyfriend/husband/man in your life is right now?

Well, chances are, he’s not buying a gift for you at this moment.  Because he’ll probably wait until 5pm on Christmas Eve. Which is okay, because we’re guessing you haven’t bought a gift for your guy yet either.  And when we say “guy”, we know this may not be a love interest…it could be your friend whose taste is so much better than yours, you’re really at a loss regarding what to get him.  We get it.

Fortunately, in our opinion, men are pretty black and white most of the time. So we’ve consolidated our HEUCY Dudes’ recommendations for great guy gifts, and are presenting the “Top 5” to you in very black and white terms. Happy shopping!

  1. FOOD 


iGourmet has an incredibly wide and delicious selection of gourmet food (including over 800 cheeses!), holiday gift baskets and “of-the-month” clubs. My sister gave this to my dad last year, and I think she “won” in the gifting category. Not like we compete, or anything like that.

PS, if you love coffee and dairy as much as we do, and you live with your man — you’ll definitely want to get an iGourmet gift. It will be a win/win.

Orders placed by 3pm on Monday, December 22nd will get there by Christmas! Hurray.

  1. TECH


Beats by Dre headphones look super-cool and they work.  The pill-shaped speakers also look great in any home. A high quality product that looks good too. Yep, we’re into it.


pierrepont hicks

Have you lost track of the number of sweaters your guy owns? And you’re sick of looking at his stack of college fraternity t-shirts?  So let’s move into accessories.  We love Pierrepont Hicks ties – everything is made in the USA, and the company is owned by one of our fave couples — and Northern Grade visionaries — Mac and Katherine McMillan.

  1. BOOZE


HEUCY Gal Alice’s husband Jay gave Pinhook Bourbon to us a few months back, and we’re hooked. Not in a bad way, of course. But with temps dropping and the holidays upon us, the idea of a nice glass of bourbon (in the evening, of course) sounds pretty darn good right about now. We’re particularly fond of Pinhook’s Bourbon Courage. Nuff said.


ps cuff links

Yes, this is a “traditional” gift that is usually deemed thoughtful by the recipient. Our friend Page Sargisson makes gorgeous cufflinks. Right here in the USA.  And you can buy them on her website.

We love Page’s Calendar letterpress cufflinks because you can pick two different dates: wedding anniversary, father’s day, his birthday, your birthday…And therefore remind your husband of important dates. Without actually having to remind him.

More to come as we cruise through the holidays  Remember, enjoy every crazy, busy, chaotic, meaningful moment!  #tistheseason #weloveya


The HEUCY Team

Managing the Holiday Chaos…and Looking Good While Doing It

It’s December 15th and I keep having to remind myself to settle down and just namaste through the holiday season.  Common phrases in my head include:  Focus on the present.  Don’t worry about FedEx Ground delivery schedules.  Don’t lash yourself for forgetting to bake cookies for the preschool holiday party and/or never baking in general.  (PSA: Entenmann’s cookies are nut-free and available pretty much anywhere).


Why are we always rushing, rushing, rushing through this festive time of year?!

And the bigger question is, what can we do to stop rushing?  Is it possible?

Tis the season of major multi-tasking.  In an effort to help you all (and ourselves!) navigate the next few weeks, we wanted to highlight a new brand we love called STIKS COSMETIKS.  We met the dynamic ladies behind STIKS at our Soho pop-up shop on Friday.


STIKS founder Laura Heilman, a single mom of 3 boys and a marketing executive, wanted a lipstick that looked good but was also functional.  So, she created one.  STIKS can fit into a back pocket, a flat wallet and/or a tiny clutch. The cap also has a flip-top, so you can apply it with one hand!  And do something else with your other hand (text…or, in the spirit of mindfulness, brush your hair or time your breaths).  And the packaging is mirrored, which makes it super-convenient for application while traveling.

We say, brilliant!  More holiday tips and tales to follow….until then, marinate in the madness and enjoy every crazy, full, chaotic moment.  Shameless plug: all of our styles accommodate a busy lifestyle, but the HEUCY #ProblemSolver may be the perfect dress for this time of year.  The drop waist allows you to grab one more cookie sans guilt or discomfort, and the loose silhouette is great for running around town…and/or decorating the Christmas tree…and/or navigating an end-of-year talk with your boss 🙂


The HEUCY Team

Here Comes the Sun…and Something New!


The sun has finally reappeared here in New York, and it’s making us think of plants…and a cool brand we met at Northern Grade HER this past weekend.  It’s called Gamine, and was started by Taylor Johnston, a horticulturalist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.  Taylor found that there wasn’t any stylish and durable workwear out there for women who are really, i.e. literally, getting their hands dirty…so she created Gamine.  Everything is manufactured by the King Manufacturing Company, the oldest cut-and-sew factory in the United States.  Love this, and Gamine’s transparency.

Our sustainable jersey is definitely versatile and you can seriously live in it (for instance, I wore my Perfect Ten yesterday while putting our Christmas tree up, and while vacuuming the millions of tiny fir needles that appeared, at meetings, then to a holiday party)…but if you are looking for denim, specifically, that will withstand a TON of wear and tear — this is it.  And it’s cute.  And it doesn’t come in pink, natch 🙂

Taylor and her husband are incredibly nice and we loved meeting them.  Check out their site to learn more about Gamine and what’s next (the dungarees are on back-order but you can add your name to the wait list).

If you want something sooner (we get it), Gamine has collaborated with Jungmaven, the LA-based cult brand that makes eco friendly hemp + organic tees, to create a work shirt.  Could be a great gift for yourself or someone you love.


The HEUCY Team

Northern Grade & Weatherproof Gear…A Good Tip!

We had the absolute pleasure of being part of Northern Grade HER this past weekend, and met a lot of brands you should know about.  A little bit of background: Northern Grade was started by HEUCY Gal Katherine McMillan (our new girl crush) and her awesome husband Mac, in 2001, as a way to curate and highlight what they feel is the very best in design and quality manufactured in America, across all categories: menswear, women’s, home goods, children, food, spirits, coffee and music.

Fortunately, Katherine and Mac have really good taste…so all of the brands we met at the show were really cool.  And the people behind them are dynamic, friendly and inspiring.  This week and next, we’ll be highlighting some of the people and products that we discovered at the show…that also might fit into your holiday gifting plans!  (That’s right, Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are upon us, so it’s time to get moving).

Since there was/is a Nor’easter attacking us from all sides (I mean, really, sky??)…we felt it appropriate to first highlight a genius brand called Cleverhood.


Cleverhood was started by Susan Mocarski, who created the ‘hood as a practical and chic way to get out and about in the rain. Susan windsurfs at Fogland, has three kids, three dogs and one husband. So she clearly knows what it’s like to need functional clothing.  This cape is made for people who are on the go, but who don’t want to sacrifice style — so i’s it is very HEUCY-esque.  We love.

A woman's umbrella is turned inside out

Ironically, the first day of our Northern Grade show was a complete deluge.  This photo sort of sums it up.  Susan ended up selling lots of capes to vendors at the show!

We’ll be in touch with more fabulous finds from Northern Grade!  All USA-made, creative and original.  Thanks, Katherine and Mac, for introducing us to some really cool brands.  We’re looking forward to the next show.

Until then, stay dry!


The HEUCY Team

Art Basel Is On…

ai-weiwei-colored-vases-art basel

Art Basel is “happening” right now in Miami.  Wealthy people and art insiders are shmoozing, viewing and experiencing the latest creativity (like these Ai Weiwei colored vases) in a warm, sunny location at this very moment.  If you’re a real person, like us, and you’re sitting in front of your computer washing a sandwich down with some cold coffee (i.e. not lounging by the pool at the Mondrian South Beach), then it is good to know that art — good art, actually — is more accessible than ever, via the Internets.

That’s right.  We’ve picked three of our favorite websites to find original art that might suit your fancy.

1. UGallery — This is a great resource for people who aren’t sure what kind of art to buy for their homes.  UGallery has an extensive collection of art, guest curators and room ideas.  There is also a wedding & gift registry for people who’d like to receive artwork instead of a Kitchen Aid appliance (that will be used once a year, during the holidays).  Sort of brilliant.

2. Tiny Showcase —  Every Tuesday, Tiny Showcase releases a limited edition of affordable art.  A portion of the proceeds is then donated to a charity chosen by the featured artist. $100,000 has been raised so far to support a variety of causes.  So you can buy art and feel good about it.  Really good.

3. Minted — Okay, we know you probably think of “holiday cards” when you think of Minted.  But the site has a pretty great selection of original artwork, in its Art Marketplace.  The limited edition photography is particularly good, in our opinion.  Talk about multi-tasking: you can get your cards done and buy a nice print for a loved one. Bought and shipped on the same day, same site.  Easy peasy.

Lastly, HEUCY Gal Christina says her favorite piece of art in her home is by an artist named Jose Parla.


We looked him up — and although Jose doesn’t sell his work on his website, it is really beautiful and could be a nice jolt of inspiration on a coldish winter day.  Enjoy (and thanks for sharing, Christina 🙂


The HEUCY Team

Giving Tuesday — Highlighting a Woman Who Gives

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.36.29 PM

Today is Giving Tuesday — a nice break from Black Friday, Cyber Monday…and one we just heard of, Gray Thursday.  Also known as Thanksgiving.

Anyhoo, we started researching women who give and wanted to highlight Melinda Gates.  She and her husband (a dude named Bill) have given billions of dollars, countless hours of time and brain power, and invaluable strategic direction to tackle some of the world’s biggest health and developmental issues.  This woman is a force and our dream would be to get her in some HEUCY.

Anyhoo, we came across a TED Talk, from March of this year, where Bill and Melinda narrate (with photos) some of the journeys they’ve taken to Africa and other countries to help people who are seriously in need.  The larger point is: this is why we give.

Really inspiring, especially for those of us who can’t give as much as the Gates but who want (and need) to know about life-threatening challenges kids and adults throughout the world are facing.

Take a look when you have time.  The video is just 25 minutes, a realistic length for a HEUCY gal on the go…or on the subway…or getting a quick mani on the way home 🙂


The HEUCY Team

Some Updates. Also, It’s Cyber Monday, and We Have A New Fave App…


Lots of news today.  First, we’ve started the 12 Days of HEUCY now because we think flash sales are fun and didn’t want to wait until the middle of December.  Check our @heucydotcom Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook  feeds every day, for surprise sales!  You’ll like them, we promise.  (Hint: today we are offering 30% off our beloved #AlterEgo jumpsuit!  It’s yours with code “ALTER30”).

And we know we still owe you a HEUCY Dude’s holiday gift guide and a cool holiday playlist from DJ Sean Mahoney.  Don’t worry, they’re on their way!  What can we say, #Movember was hectic!  Our men were busy cooking turkeys.

Sequence 02_v2.Still002

Lastly, since it’s Cyber Monday and some of us have technology on the brain, we wanted to highlight our new favorite app.  (Not app as in appetizer…although that may be coming in time for the holidays).

HEUCY Gal Sandra turned us onto this one.  And if you heard of it ages ago, forgive us for being redundant…we’ve been so focused on developing our Spring collection (yay!!) that we’ve been in a bit of a cave.

Anyhoo, the app is called Instacart.  And we love.  Basically, it is a grocery delivery service that delivers from your favorite stores in as little as an hour.  So you don’t need to shlep specialty bags around unless you really like doing that.  Here’s how it works.  Instacart connects you with Personal Shoppers in your area who will pick up AND deliver groceries to you, from places like Whole Foods, Fairway, Costco, etc.   Right now, you qualify for delivery if you live in the Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Seattle & Washington D.C. areas.

Delivery prices are not exorbitant (first order is free) and added value: you can add a note to request a specific level of ripeness for fruits and vegetables.  So you can lounge in your HEUCY…or, in the real world, do a million other things in your HEUCY while someone else gets exactly what you want from the grocery store.  This might be even better than a dude cooking your turkey on Thanksgiving.

Happy Insta-shopping!


The HEUCY Team