Northern Grade & Weatherproof Gear…A Good Tip!

We had the absolute pleasure of being part of Northern Grade HER this past weekend, and met a lot of brands you should know about.  A little bit of background: Northern Grade was started by HEUCY Gal Katherine McMillan (our new girl crush) and her awesome husband Mac, in 2001, as a way to curate and highlight what they feel is the very best in design and quality manufactured in America, across all categories: menswear, women’s, home goods, children, food, spirits, coffee and music.

Fortunately, Katherine and Mac have really good taste…so all of the brands we met at the show were really cool.  And the people behind them are dynamic, friendly and inspiring.  This week and next, we’ll be highlighting some of the people and products that we discovered at the show…that also might fit into your holiday gifting plans!  (That’s right, Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are upon us, so it’s time to get moving).

Since there was/is a Nor’easter attacking us from all sides (I mean, really, sky??)…we felt it appropriate to first highlight a genius brand called Cleverhood.


Cleverhood was started by Susan Mocarski, who created the ‘hood as a practical and chic way to get out and about in the rain. Susan windsurfs at Fogland, has three kids, three dogs and one husband. So she clearly knows what it’s like to need functional clothing.  This cape is made for people who are on the go, but who don’t want to sacrifice style — so i’s it is very HEUCY-esque.  We love.

A woman's umbrella is turned inside out

Ironically, the first day of our Northern Grade show was a complete deluge.  This photo sort of sums it up.  Susan ended up selling lots of capes to vendors at the show!

We’ll be in touch with more fabulous finds from Northern Grade!  All USA-made, creative and original.  Thanks, Katherine and Mac, for introducing us to some really cool brands.  We’re looking forward to the next show.

Until then, stay dry!


The HEUCY Team

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