Travel Guide: An American in Paris

Paris flowerso-PARIS-900

If we asked you to name the most romantic getaway in the world, many of you would probably say it’s Paris.  Yes, it is quite romantic.  But, we’ve learned that it’s just as fun to jet over to the City of Lights with a group of old friends, and leave your man at home to take care of the kids and pets!  HEUCY Gal Veronica recently visited lovely Paris with some college friends, XX years after living there as a student.  What did she take with her?  A suitcase full of HEUCY and plenty of joie de vivre!  Here are Veronica’s recommendations for the perfect short jaunt across the pond, to one of the most beautiful and memorable cities in the world.

1. What to pack…


According to Veronica, “the French know effortless style.  HEUCY fits right in there.”

HEUCY dresses and jumpsuits can easily get you through a 4 or 5 day trip.  Added (major) bonus: jersey doesn’t really wrinkle, so it looks good after a long flight.  And it’s perfect for an unpredictable climate, where lots of layering is involved.  In this photo, Veronica’s friend Saya is wearing the Weekender, and Veronica (right) is in the black Perfect Ten.

2. What to see…

Paris coffeeParis strawberriesParis flowers 2

Paris is a city where you can pack every minute of every hour with museum visits and sightseeing, but don’t overlook the simple treasures that line the streets.  We don’t know if it’s Veronica’s camera, or the fact that in Paris everything just looks better than it does here!  Regardless, walking around and looking (and eating and drinking, of course) can be your activity for the day…and the day after that.

Paris streetParis shells

3. Food…

Septimeseptime food

Septime was Veronica’s favorite restaurant.  Other fabulous places to eat include:



la-buvette-paris-2buvette paris


caillebotte outsidecaillebotte inside


4. Where to Stay…

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.40.22 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.39.58 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.40.57 PM

–“We stayed in an adorable boutique hotel on the Rive Gauche called Le Signature

5. When to go…

–Now! Or whenever you can fit it into your schedule.

Happy travels, HEUCY Gals.


The HEUCY Team

HEUCY Hearts Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day today, we wanted to highlight HEUCY’s commitment to the environment.  (We’re also having a huge 25% off sale, now through Friday, on…if you’re inclined to buy some eco-friendly fashion on this very special day).

The HEUCY collection uses two ecologically sound natural fibers derived from wood: Tencel and Modal (both certified sustainable by Lenzing) for our base fabrications.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.38.54 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.38.27 AM

Our garments made from these fibers make you look and feel tres chic while also minimizing the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Here’s why:

  1. Tencel is made with wood pulp from the sustainable eucalyptus tree farms. Tencel textiles are created through an award-winning closed-loop process using milestone technology producing a fabric that is 100% biodegradable and certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council.
  2. Modal is extracted from beach wood which puts down very deep roots and is thought to be unbeatable when it comes to improving the soil. Beech groves are also completely sustainable sources because the beech tree multiply by “rejuvenation” – requiring no planting or irrigation. Modal is the most luxurious cellulose fiber – soft, smooth, silky, and so light that you can hardly feel it.
  3. The Tencel and Modal fibers we use are made into jersey fabric in the USA. That includes the spinning, knitting, treating, dyeing and finishing and printing.

We feel really good about the clothes we make, and we hope you feel great wearing them!

Happy Earth Day, gals.


The HEUCY Team

HEUCY Gals, We’ve Got You Covered…with the Cover Up Dress

The Cover Up_Bright Blue Mariner Stripe_Shot2The Cover Up-Casual

Here at HEUCY, every single dress and jumpsuit is thoughtfully designed, with our beloved HEUCY Gal’s needs in mind.  Some of the questions and considerations we mull over, throughout the design process, include:

Can she go, effortlessly, from drop-off to a morning meeting to work lunch to a mani/pedi (somewhat aspirational) to drinks with colleagues to dinner with friends…and then wherever the night takes her…in one dress?

Will she feel comfortable doing the multitude of things that make up her day?  Can she jump over puddles, walk briskly and/or run in this outfit?  In other words, will the fabric move with her rather than against her?

Can she wear this dress on a work trip, and not worry about being a mess of wrinkles at her 8am meeting and her 8pm client dinner?

Can she wear this jumpsuit on a long flight with the kids and still feel like a human when she arrives at her destination?

Can she get dirty in this dress, and not worry about it because it’s machine washable, sustainable fabric that can take the wear and tear of a HEUCY Gal’s life?

The answer to all of these questions is…YES!  The latest installment in the Spring collection, the Cover Up, is a testament to HEUCY’s commitment to YOU — and our goal to accommodate your dynamic, busy lifestyle.  Added value: it comes in a gorgeous bright blue mariner stripe that will remind you it’s Spring!  And then Summer.

Buy it now before it sells out, gals!


The HEUCY Team

Claudia Wu — A Perfect Ten in the Perfect Ten 2.0! Shop It Now on!


We had the pleasure of photographing HEUCY Gal Claudia Wu, the Co-Editor of Cherry Bombe magazine, on a sunny afternoon.  Cherry Bombe, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a kick-a** publication that Claudia and Kerry Diamond started to celebrate amazing women who love food.  They profile “women who do cool sh*t” — and the magazine is an ode to all things delicious — so it was a match made in heaven.  Check it out for some really great recipes and interviews with inspiring, interesting, dynamic women.

Claudia was the perfect “real life” example of how versatile the Perfect Ten dress is…because when Claudia isn’t designing and editing, she’s doing some pretty cool sh*t herself.  We’re psyched to share some of her favorite things with you.

1) What is your favorite vacation spot of all time?

sicily 2sicily 3sicily 4
This is a tough one to answer since there are so many places I’d still like to go, but I had an amazing time driving around Sicily a few years ago.  (This is also on our top ten list of where we want to go…check out AFAR magazine’s Palermo travel guide as a starting point!)

2) What is your favorite food?


Dark chocolate. (We concur, and love Mast Brothers because it comes from Brooklyn and it’s simply beyond).

3) What are you currently reading?

Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef. It’s Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir. She owns the restaurant Prune in New York City. She’s just as amazing a writer as she is a chef.

4) What’s your favorite HEUCY outfit?

I’m torn between The Perfect Ten, The Weekender and The Burnout. They’re perfect for different occasions! (Don’t worry…you’re not missing something…the Burnout will be released next month! We have some great shots of Claudia in it, too! Stay tuned 🙂

5) If I had twenty free minutes right now, I would…

Take a nap or get a quick massage!

Tuesday’s Travel Guide: Ah, Madrid…

HEUCY is feeling Spain these days, as we concept Resort 15/16.  There’s not much about Spain that isn’t inspirational…the food, the people, the architecture, the art…the countryside and coast.  It’s all pretty darn delicious and makes us want to travel there now.  Unfortunately, that trip will have to take place in our minds for the time being.  But when we’re ready to fly, we’ll have HEUCY Gal Chantal’s Madrid travel recommendations on hand!  See below…she’s a super cool tastemaker and won’t lead any traveler astray.  She also hails from Spain so these can be classified as “insider” tips.  Hopefully you can plan a trip in the near future.  Olé!  And enjoy!

1. Eating and walking around


Walk around the Madrid antiguo, Plaza Mayor, and go have tapas in Mercado San Miguel, an old market that has been restored and is a sort of farmer’s market where you can eat and drink tapas style.  Tapas are big in Madrid, there are a million good places!

2. Flamenco

menkes flamencoflamenco shoes

Very close by you can buy your flamenco shoes, training skirt or Feria dress at Menkes Flamenco (warning: these are not cheap!)

3. Food!

Spain is full of foodies of all sorts. There are a bunch of Michelin star restaurants in Madrid, from ones that were around since I was a child and have a very “old” restaurant feel…





…to very new ones started by young chef stars with nouvelle cuisine



4. Night Life


Go out at night, late. When weather is good, the best is to go to areas where you can sit outside and have drinks (there are many areas). Go places such as Plaza Santa Ana, or calle Moratín.

plaza mayorbig_terraza_circulo_bellas_artes_madrid_15

There is a bar that has a great terrace with a view of Madrid in “El Circulo de las Bellas Artes”

5. Sleep

santo mauro 2AC-Santo-Mauro-Terraza-Restaurante

— Hotel Santo Mauro

Monday’s Muse: Olivia Wilde’s Street Style (and a HEUCY Redux)


Olivia Wilde’s style inspires us for a few reasons. She’s a smart, funny, talented actress who also happens to be incredibly gorgeous. But we don’t hate her for it because she’s smart and funny and talented. And, Olivia’s also really into sustainable fashion and living, which we love over here at HEUCY. Obviously. Check out her company Conscious Commerce ( to read more about Olivia’s commitment to “Conscious Commerce – an experiment in living (and shopping) with a conscience.”


HEUCY really loves Olivia’s street style, too. She looks confident, unruffled and captivating – even on the coldest days. Or when she’s making a deli run, plastic bag included. We’ve captured some of our favorite looks here with a little guide on how you can achieve the same look with HEUCY’s eco-friendly fashions!

1. Looking Like a Lady (with a busy schedule)

olivia wilde

Olivia may be in Paris in this shot…but the look is transferrable to any dynamic HEUCY Gal’s day.  Especially if you have a lot of meetings (friendly and otherwise) and a night out in your future.  Here’s how you can recreate this look:

Problem Solver_Indigo_Shot2chanel jacketWilbur and Gussie

A) HEUCY’s Indigo Problem Solver Dress.  The ultimate day-to-night-to-whenever versatile dressing machine.

B) A Chanel jacket.  Check out vintage consignment stores like STA ( for less expensive options.  STA has locations across the U.S.

C) A Wilbur & Gussie Edith clutch bag.  Available online at  Whimsical, chic and practical.

2. It’s Saturday…I’m hanging out but I’ve still got sh*t to do!

oliviawildefringeatelje 71 sandalvintage fringe bag

You too can have this look with a few quick fixes.

A) HEUCY’s Indigo Weekender Dress.  Incredibly comfortable, flattering and roomy.  Great for a weekend of snores and chores.

B) Atelje 71’s incredibly stylish, comfy and cool sandals.  Nee birkenstocks.  We heart this company and it’s founder (look for her in an upcoming HEUCY campaign) and our model is wearing Atelje 71 in all of our Spring shots!  Because they are so darn awesome.

C) A Vintage Fringe Bag.  These bags are everywhere right now but don’t go for the fake, cheap ones…we’ve spotted tons of gorgeous options (like this one) on eBay that you can feel good about buying.

3. Big Night Out…but you’re not feeling it


Olivia is really pregnant in this photo, and we’re guessing she probably didn’t want to get all dolled up for the Oscars.  It’s tiring when you have to urinate every five minutes and you’re carrying another human inside your body.  A lot of us feel this way after a long week, pregnancy not included.  This is when comfort and style must merge.  Here’s how:

Bon Voyageedie parker clutch

A) HEUCY’s Bon Voyage dress from our Core Collection.  The adjustable side zipper shows just enough leg and the soft, sustainable jersey fabric is cozy enough to fall asleep in after your big night.

B) An Edie Parker clutch, personalized.  These are not cheap, but we love the brand because you’ll keep it forever, it’s beyond stylish and everything is made here in NYC.

C) Shoes are up to you.  They’ll be removed ASAP anyway!

And….D) Funny, cute partner who makes you smile, no matter how tired/bloated you may feel.

Happy Monday, gals!


The HEUCY Team

Spring Decorating: Tips from the HEUCY Gals at Tilton Fenwick


HEUCY Gals Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham started their interior design firm Tilton Fenwick in 2010. Since then, these two tastemakers and savvy entrepreneurs have been racking up more accolades than I can count! Most notably, they were chosen as one of Traditional Home Magazine’s Top 20 “New Traditionals,” a label which we love here at HEUCY. Mixing “traditional aesthetic with a fresh perspective” is what we’re all about, too!

Suysel and Anne were kind enough to share their tips for a Spring home refresh with us. Because, you know, it will be sunny one day (this is obviously meant for New Yorkers…if you live elsewhere and you’re already enjoying the sunshine, well…we still love ya).

Thank you, Suysel and Anne, for the fabulous and easy-to-do revamp tips below!

  1. Accessories swap:

Switch out accessories like vases and frames for more springy citrus colors. Swap out pillows, area rugs and add some flea market finds that are inexpensive.


  1. New look:

Give something old a new look. Maybe spray paint a mirror or an old chandelier and give it new life!


  1. Plants:

If you don’t already have them, buy some fresh plants. We love a fiddle leaf tree in a corner to add life to a room.

HEUCY e-mail photo

  1. Candles:

Swap out those wintery candle scents like pine and woodsy scents for more floral spring and grassy tones.


  1. Switch out bedding:

Think light and airy bedding and blankets and store those heavy duvets and heavier throw blankets. New decorative pillows on a bed also all for a new look without spending too much money.

tf beddingbedding

  1. Dishes:

We love buying inexpensive dishes at places like HomeGoods, West Elm and flea markets. Having springy floral designs on the table makes us so happy!

westelm dishes

For more spring decorating inspiration, go to You can also purchase the Tilton Fenwick for Duralee fabric collection here.

Happy Hump Day!  Always nice to think about a little refresh.



More Spring Styling Tips from Another HEUCY Tastemaker

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.26.11 AM

HEUCY Gal and fashion/lifestyle blogger Brynn Elliott Watkins shows us how to solve the April dressing conundrum in our Problem Solver dress!  Check out how she’s layered with a moto jacket, a bucket bag, and some white tennies.  A little more casual than Grace’s post yesterday, but perfect for a lazy Saturday spent walking around the neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.22.42 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.37.30 AM

Brynn shows us that the best accessory — above anything else — is a smile.  You can see Brynn’s blog and her post at

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.37.39 AM

Thanks, Brynn, for modeling one of our best-selling dresses!  Available now on


The HEUCY Team

Spring Is Here…But, How Do I Dress For It?


The temps are rising in NYC and across the U.S.  Hurray!  It’s about time.  But now I have a quandary that you all may share: how do you dress when it’s still chilly enough for a jacket, but not cold enough for a puffy coat?  And, when you’re ready to show off a cute new outfit?

Grace Atwood shows us how, today on, one of HEUCY’s favorite fashion/lifestyle blogs.  Here she models HEUCY’s feather print Alter Ego jumpsuit on the street, with a classic Burberry trench coat, a simple black clutch (with straps for later) and — we love this — emerald green heels!  Tres chic.  Practical and stylish with a pop of color.


Stay tuned for more Spring dressing tips from some of our favorite tastemakers.  Until then, enjoy the sunshine!



Strong Woman Saturday: Inspired by Jackie O and Indigo


Today’s “Strong Woman Saturday” inspiration is that quintessential icon of effortless chic, Jackie O. We’re feeling a little wanderlust right now, and we’re also inspired by the HEUCY Indigo collection…so we wanted to highlight Jackie’s time spent in Greece.

patmos-03greek food

If you wanted to recreate this type of leisure life, sans paparrazi, how could you do it as effortlessly as Jackie? We think you’d need just a few things.

jackieO4raybanjackie o's

1. Jackie O Sunglasses, of course…Ray Ban makes a very affordable pair.

High School Reunion_Indigo_Shot12015_03_09Heucy6148Problem Solver_Indigo_Shot2Santorini-Greece-low

2. The HEUCY Indigo collection. The High School Reunion, Weekender and Problem Solver could get you through a five day trip. Easy to pack and the wrinkle factor is almost nil.  Pockets for shells, maps and baklava.  Added value, your clothes would match the azure colors of the Greek coastline.

satya twena sun hat

3. A good, universally flattering sun hat that actually blocks out the sun. We do need to worry about those UV rays, even on vacay. Satya Twena makes one, right here in NYC’s garment district, and it’s available online.


4. A page-turner. Right now we’re reading “The Leopard”, by Jo Nesbo…


And on that note, stay tuned for our other favorite Nordic books. There are many!

Have a great weekend, and dream of Jackie!