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Spring Decorating: Tips from the HEUCY Gals at Tilton Fenwick


HEUCY Gals Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham started their interior design firm Tilton Fenwick in 2010. Since then, these two tastemakers and savvy entrepreneurs have been racking up more accolades than I can count! Most notably, they were chosen as one of Traditional Home Magazine’s Top 20 “New Traditionals,” a label which we love here at HEUCY. Mixing “traditional aesthetic with a fresh perspective” is what we’re all about, too!

Suysel and Anne were kind enough to share their tips for a Spring home refresh with us. Because, you know, it will be sunny one day (this is obviously meant for New Yorkers…if you live elsewhere and you’re already enjoying the sunshine, well…we still love ya).

Thank you, Suysel and Anne, for the fabulous and easy-to-do revamp tips below!

  1. Accessories swap:

Switch out accessories like vases and frames for more springy citrus colors. Swap out pillows, area rugs and add some flea market finds that are inexpensive.


  1. New look:

Give something old a new look. Maybe spray paint a mirror or an old chandelier and give it new life!


  1. Plants:

If you don’t already have them, buy some fresh plants. We love a fiddle leaf tree in a corner to add life to a room.

HEUCY e-mail photo

  1. Candles:

Swap out those wintery candle scents like pine and woodsy scents for more floral spring and grassy tones.


  1. Switch out bedding:

Think light and airy bedding and blankets and store those heavy duvets and heavier throw blankets. New decorative pillows on a bed also all for a new look without spending too much money.

tf beddingbedding

  1. Dishes:

We love buying inexpensive dishes at places like HomeGoods, West Elm and flea markets. Having springy floral designs on the table makes us so happy!

westelm dishes

For more spring decorating inspiration, go to You can also purchase the Tilton Fenwick for Duralee fabric collection here.

Happy Hump Day!  Always nice to think about a little refresh.



More Spring Styling Tips from Another HEUCY Tastemaker

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.26.11 AM

HEUCY Gal and fashion/lifestyle blogger Brynn Elliott Watkins shows us how to solve the April dressing conundrum in our Problem Solver dress!  Check out how she’s layered with a moto jacket, a bucket bag, and some white tennies.  A little more casual than Grace’s post yesterday, but perfect for a lazy Saturday spent walking around the neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.22.42 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.37.30 AM

Brynn shows us that the best accessory — above anything else — is a smile.  You can see Brynn’s blog and her post at

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.37.39 AM

Thanks, Brynn, for modeling one of our best-selling dresses!  Available now on


The HEUCY Team

Spring Is Here…But, How Do I Dress For It?


The temps are rising in NYC and across the U.S.  Hurray!  It’s about time.  But now I have a quandary that you all may share: how do you dress when it’s still chilly enough for a jacket, but not cold enough for a puffy coat?  And, when you’re ready to show off a cute new outfit?

Grace Atwood shows us how, today on, one of HEUCY’s favorite fashion/lifestyle blogs.  Here she models HEUCY’s feather print Alter Ego jumpsuit on the street, with a classic Burberry trench coat, a simple black clutch (with straps for later) and — we love this — emerald green heels!  Tres chic.  Practical and stylish with a pop of color.


Stay tuned for more Spring dressing tips from some of our favorite tastemakers.  Until then, enjoy the sunshine!



Strong Woman Saturday: Inspired by Jackie O and Indigo


Today’s “Strong Woman Saturday” inspiration is that quintessential icon of effortless chic, Jackie O. We’re feeling a little wanderlust right now, and we’re also inspired by the HEUCY Indigo collection…so we wanted to highlight Jackie’s time spent in Greece.

patmos-03greek food

If you wanted to recreate this type of leisure life, sans paparrazi, how could you do it as effortlessly as Jackie? We think you’d need just a few things.

jackieO4raybanjackie o's

1. Jackie O Sunglasses, of course…Ray Ban makes a very affordable pair.

High School Reunion_Indigo_Shot12015_03_09Heucy6148Problem Solver_Indigo_Shot2Santorini-Greece-low

2. The HEUCY Indigo collection. The High School Reunion, Weekender and Problem Solver could get you through a five day trip. Easy to pack and the wrinkle factor is almost nil.  Pockets for shells, maps and baklava.  Added value, your clothes would match the azure colors of the Greek coastline.

satya twena sun hat

3. A good, universally flattering sun hat that actually blocks out the sun. We do need to worry about those UV rays, even on vacay. Satya Twena makes one, right here in NYC’s garment district, and it’s available online.


4. A page-turner. Right now we’re reading “The Leopard”, by Jo Nesbo…


And on that note, stay tuned for our other favorite Nordic books. There are many!

Have a great weekend, and dream of Jackie!



#TBT and a Huge Sale. Big. Huge. 30% OFF Now Through Thursday.


It’s #ThrowBackThursday, so we wanted to highlight “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts.  Didn’t you all love the scene when she confronts the rude salesperson?  And wasn’t it fun to watch Julia transform from “call girl” into a beautiful swan?


We think if “Pretty Woman” were filmed this year, Julia (aka Vivian) would be waltzing down Rodeo Drive in an Indigo Weekender.  Or the High School Reunion, so she could tell all of her friends in Georgia how she’s made it in Hollywood.  Both would be much better for the jet set life she would be leading, since HEUCY is great for travel and it’s simply chic.

High School Reunion_Indigo_Shot1

Clothes can definitely make us feel better.  After a long winter of puffy coats, dry skin and an overall “greige” type of ennui…we are so happy to bring you our Spring styles!

Fortunately for you, HEUCY’s already incredibly affordable, day-to-night-and everywhere in between collection is ON SALE now through Sunday.  Head to to shop now.  You won’t regret it!  Get there before it’s gone!


The HEUCY Team

A Case of the Mondays…and Why We Should Play


It’s Monday, and some of us are getting back to work after a spring vacation. It’s amazing how refreshed you can feel in a Panama hat and a HEUCY Alter Ego jumpsuit…and then reality sets in as the week begins. My kids were so excited to get back to school and, full disclosure, I was pretty excited to get them back too!

As I watched my daughter spend several minutes picking out her outfit and accessories, and literally skip to school…it made me think. When did I become so un-excited about returning to my routine? Why was I not running to the mailbox to pay the bills that awaited me? Why was I not dancing through the front doors of my doctor’s office for my annual physical exam? I laughed at all of the #caseofthemondays posts on Instagram today…but it made me kind of pensive, too. When did we (or I, sorry to pull you into this) lose that sense of joy that children have?

Fortunately, some very qualified people have also looked into this topic – specifically, the idea of play and its importance during childhood and beyond. Sometimes we work too much – or we think too much about working. Or, worst of all, we worry too much about basically everything. This has repercussions beyond just being sort of unhappy – it can actually affect your health.

Which brings me to a TED talk you must listen to when you have a chance. According to Dr. Stuart Brown, we actually need to play as adults. For sharp minds and healthy hearts. And lucky for you, HEUCY’s eco-friendly jersey fabric is the perfect material for work and play. And everything in between.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


The HEUCY Team

Tuesday’s Top Five: Inspired by the South

peel 'n eat shrimpparentsyard

As one half of team HEUCY visits family on the coast of Georgia, we’re reminded of some of the many things that we love about the South. Peel ‘n eat shrimp, people with manners, and – to put it simply – the natural beauty in this area of the world. Even on a cloudy day (and we’ve had a few since our visit started), the marsh and town “square” are gorgeous and remain seemingly untouched by the modern world.

shrimpboatsvernon square

Right now is vacation time for a few of you, and some have a break coming soon…so we wanted to highlight our favorite movies that were filmed and take place on the Southeastern coast. Hopefully you can kick up your heels, reward yourself for surviving the worst winter (ever?), and relax in some eco-friendly HEUCY jersey while you curl up and enjoy some of these flicks. A few are also books, if you’re so inclined.


The Big Chill. So much to love about this movie. The setting, an antebellum house in Beaufort, South Carolina (where HEUCY Gal Claire Nitze hails from and where The Great Santini was also filmed), is absolutely gorgeous and the soundtrack is awesome: Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations. The term “big chill dinner” is often used in my household to indicate the best type of cooking – when it’s paired with lots of wine, music and good company. Watching a bunch of baby boomer college friends reunite after their friend has passed away, and forcing themselves to confront their own thirtysomething issues, is pretty poignant. Fun fact: Kevin Costner was cast as the dead character Alex, but all scenes showing his face were cut…he’s made career strides since then, obviously.


Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This is one of the best books I’ve read, and it’s a pretty good movie, too. John Kelso, a “Yankee”, travels to Savannah, Georgia to write a feature about Jim Williams’ famous annual Christmas party. What Kelso discovers is much more – a cast of irresistible, hilarious yet incredibly real characters in Savannah and unexpectedly, a murder trial. Kelso’s dry descriptions of his new friends down South, amidst the beautiful architecture and setting of “old” Savannah, are spot-on in the book. The movie features one of Jude Law’s first performances on screen, and Jude demonstrates that he looks good AND he can act. We love seeing Kevin Spacey with a moustache too. Spacey’s southern accent in the film proves he was meant to play Frank Underwood one day.


The Prince of Tides. I won’t lie. I never pictured Barbra Streisand as Dr. Lowenstein when I read Pat Conroy’s popular novel many years ago. But I have to say, she pulls it off (of course she does…I mean, Babs is a HEUCY Gal) and Nick Nolte is wonderful as Tom. This book is a great beach read – try to read it before you watch the movie.


Forrest Gump. The scene in Forsyth Square in Savannah helped put that great town back on the map. Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and Gary Sinise play unforgettable roles in a movie that made me pine for the deep South even while I was living there. (Side note: Robin, if you’re reading this…PLEASE replace Claire Underwood’s wardrobe with some jersey).


Glory. Filmed throughout Georgia and South Carolina and featuring a nearly unrecognizable Matthew Broderick. Denzel Washington is ah-mazing as a young, angry soldier, and Morgan Freeman – per usual – delivers a fabulous performance.

Okay, gals.  You made it through winter.  Throw on some HEUCY, relax and enjoy!  Whether you’re on vacation or not…



Amanda Freeman, HEUCY Gal Du Jour, in Indigo…


As you probably know, HEUCY is sort of obsessed with our customers.  The HEUCY Gals who wear our clothes inspire us — and our designs — every single day.  So in addition to photographing some of these amazing gals, we wanted to share their “everyday” tips and thoughts.  Below are a few from successful entrepreneur Amanda Freeman, the owner of SLT NYC.  Beware, Amanda’s favorite vacation spot makes us want to rob a bank and get out West…fast!  Enjoy.



Hmm…I love travel, so it’s hard to pick one favorite…guess it would have to be this amazing hotel in the middle of nowhere in Utah called Amangiri. I’m actually shocked I just picked that because it’s nowhere near the beach (which I love, love, love). However, it’s one of the most stunning settings I’ve ever seen in my life. The canyon vistas are so amazing, they look fake. You can hike, rock climb (so scary), take a boat ride on a nearby lake, lounge by the pool and indulge in spa treatments. If it wasn’t so difficult to get to, it would be crazy expensive and always booked.



Another tough one…I guess I’d have to say chocolate. Dark chocolate bars, molten chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies…pretty much anything with chocolate in it.



It’s taking me forever, but I’m determined to finish it…The Goldfinch. It came very highly recommended, took me some time to get into, but I’m very curious how it ends. It’s a giant book and I am almost there.



That’s a tie between The Weekender and The Alter Ego…both so cute and comfy.



It’s March Madness time and I’m a big college basketball fan (Go Duke!), so I’d have to say watch basketball or SportsCenter.

And how fitting, the Indigo Weekender is blue…perfect for watching the Duke Blue Devils.  Have a great weekend, friends! TGIF.


The HEUCY Team

Why Do We Live in New York? Here’s One Reason…

Here in New York, a lot of talk has revolved around weather for the past few months.  Specifically, how cold and miserable it is.  A friend told me this morning that in addition to being frigid cold this past month, she spotted a rat “napping” on the street right outside of her house as she took her kids to school.  She instructed them to step over it, but is currently looking at real estate in Florida.

But hold on.  Now that it’s — finally!!! — getting warmer up here in NYC, it’s time to take stock of some of the amazing things one can find only in New York.  We know this is a phrase some people use to justify living in overpriced apartments the size of dog houses…but it’s also true in many respects.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 3.17.54 PM

For instance, I recently went to 54 Below to see a live reading of “Factory Girls”, a Broadway-bound musical about women working in a fabric mill in Lowell, Massachusetts at the beginning of the industrial age.  Our friend Sean Mahoney (who also happens to be HEUCY’s very witty go-to DJ, and husband of our Sensei/Life Coach/HEUCY Gal Emily) is the brilliant musician behind it, along with three other incredibly talented HEUCY Dudes: musician Creighton Irons and book writers Rob Ackerman and Sam Forman.  The masterly cast of performers was out of this world and reminded me why I don’t even dare to do karaoke.

FactoryGirls at 54 Below

But “Factory Girls” is about much more than a mill.  It’s about women who were moving out of the kitchen and into the workforce.  Work conditions back then were grueling (it makes you feel guilty about ever complaining about a missed lunch or a cubicle) and the women were treated like the machines they operated.  But this type of work — and that era — paved the way for some women to to speak on behalf of others, for better — if not equal — rights.  And the music is absolutely fabulous.  It’s like Les Mis and other musical theatre that you can’t get out of your head…because the story and the words are just as dissonant as the tunes.  There is a love story, there is heartbreak and tragedy…and there is redemption.

cutterssuwha inspecting garment

The “Factory Girls” show coincided with our production of HEUCY’s anxiously anticipated “Behind the Seams” video of our factory in New York City’s Garment District.  Without the partnership of our factory girls — and guys — on 36th street, we wouldn’t be able to produce and sell our line.  It was also empowering to see women on stage singing about equality, and rights, and happiness.  In an age when women were considered inferior to men, and “equality” was a dream and not a reality.

54 Below Cabaret Spaces54_2nd_anniv_mick_&_jerry_std

Also, seeing a show at 54 Below — the former basement of Studio 54, where Mick Jagger and Halston and countless other fashion and entertainment icons boogied the night away (among other things we can’t put in writing) — reminded us that yes, there is a reason why we live, and create, in NYC.

For updates on upcoming “Factory Girls” shows and news, follow HEUCY on Facebook and @heucydotcom on Instagram and Twitter.


The HEUCY Team

Topic du Jour: Photography…and Forty


Yesterday we had a really great time photographing two HEUCY Gals in our Spring 2015 styles.

Our first stop was the SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone, headquarters in Manhattan. Amanda Freeman, super-successful (and game-for-anything) entrepreneur and health and wellness expert, was kind enough to model a couple of new HEUCY looks in SLT’s bright, happy, sunlit offices.


Then we headed downtown to Tribeca, to photograph Claudia Wu of Cherry Bombe magazine ( Claudia and her co-editor, HEUCY Gal Kerry Diamond, worked at Bazaar together and launched Cherry Bombe because they love food and they love interesting women. (In their words, they profile women in their magazine who “do cool shit”…in the kitchen and in life in general). Naturally, this makes us love Claudia and Kerry because we are kindred spirits. The Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference is on March 29th and we’re so sad to miss it, partly because our gourmet spirit guide Ina Garten will be speaking on a panel. And they’ll be celebrating women and food, which are two of our favorite topics always, in all ways.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.59.01 AM

Sometimes it helps when your models are friends, and not real models (even though they look like they should be)…because you can talk about “real” things and laugh and actually connect with each other.

Case in point. Throughout the day, our conversation kept going back to age, especially at SLT where a bunch of hard bodies were sweating it out on reformers while I debated what I would eat for lunch. Our photographer Vanessa (who also happens to be a playwrite and a mom and a wife and ergo pretty darn cool) turned 40 last year, one of our fave HEUCY Gals Alice turned 40 the day of the shoot (sorry to out you, Alice). And I’m skidding toward that birthday in September. It made me think, what do I want to do when I’m 40? Does it need to be something “big” and impactful…or do those big and impactful things happen over time? And is part of “maturing” accepting that we will never be perfect? We spend a lot of cumulative minutes and hours beating ourselves up for not doing enough, not “making it happen”…which is a waste of precious time and headspace.

It also happens to be International Women’s Week this week, which is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the real world out there and our place in it. I came across a great quote to share that makes sense whether you’re 25, 40, 65, older or somewhere in between. Because we know that HEUCY Gals come in all shapes, sizes and age groups. Which is what makes you so awesome.

Here’s the quote of the day, from Alyssa Goodman, Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University and Research Associate of the Smithsonian Institution (we’re not messing around):

The thing that’s grand about spending your time thinking about the universe is that it makes you feel insignificant. I don’t mean that in a bad way. If you understand that we’ve now discovered entire solar systems that contain planets similar to Earth, and that those are just the ones we know about, since most of the stars we’ve looked at are within about 300 light-years of Earth and the distance to the center of our galaxy is nearly 100 times that—then you realize that the laundry you’ve left undone and the dumb thing you said yesterday are about as significant as slime mold.

Enjoy your day, no matter what birthday is coming up!  And thank you again, Amanda and Claudia, for being such exceptional HEUCY Gals and models!


The HEUCY Team