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The Best Summer Playlist


The holiday weekend is coming up, and we want to arm you with a playlist that will give you joy instead of headaches.  So we asked our fave HEUCY Dude (and super talented composer) Sean Mahoney to come up with his “best of the best” — just for you. See below and download at your leisure.  And, of course, have a fabulous long weekend.  (PS, this music pairs very well with a cold beverage and some eco-friendly jersey dresses, jumpsuits and rompers available on

A HEUCY Dude’s guide to summertime music:

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to play ‘Summertime’ by Weezy Smith to seem cool at the kiddie pool. Here are some more patriotic options to chill and drunkenly barefoot dance to this weekend. Maybe Lana Del Rey will walk out of the water on the beach like a zombie when she hears this list.

Strawberry Letter #23 – Shuggie Otis

In The Summertime – Mungo Jerry

Small Axe – Bob Marley

Do It Again – Robyn and Royskopp

Back And Forth – Aaliyah

HIdeaway – Kiesza

Why – Carly Simon

Fun, Fun, Fun – Beach Boys

Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts

Boyfriend – Best Coast

I Can’t Wait – Nu Shooz

Bonita Applebum – Tribe Called Quest

Where the Party At – Jagged Edge w Nelly

It’s Magic – The Cars

Funkdafied – Da Brat

US Blues – Grateful Dead

Movin’ On Up – Primal Scream

Got Your Money– ODB

Lean On – Major Lazer

Fascination – Human League

I Feel For You – Chaka Khan

I Need Your Love – Shaggy (basically anything Shaggy)

Happy 4th, gals!


The HEUCY Team

HEUCY Hearts Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day today, we wanted to highlight HEUCY’s commitment to the environment.  (We’re also having a huge 25% off sale, now through Friday, on…if you’re inclined to buy some eco-friendly fashion on this very special day).

The HEUCY collection uses two ecologically sound natural fibers derived from wood: Tencel and Modal (both certified sustainable by Lenzing) for our base fabrications.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.38.54 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.38.27 AM

Our garments made from these fibers make you look and feel tres chic while also minimizing the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Here’s why:

  1. Tencel is made with wood pulp from the sustainable eucalyptus tree farms. Tencel textiles are created through an award-winning closed-loop process using milestone technology producing a fabric that is 100% biodegradable and certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council.
  2. Modal is extracted from beach wood which puts down very deep roots and is thought to be unbeatable when it comes to improving the soil. Beech groves are also completely sustainable sources because the beech tree multiply by “rejuvenation” – requiring no planting or irrigation. Modal is the most luxurious cellulose fiber – soft, smooth, silky, and so light that you can hardly feel it.
  3. The Tencel and Modal fibers we use are made into jersey fabric in the USA. That includes the spinning, knitting, treating, dyeing and finishing and printing.

We feel really good about the clothes we make, and we hope you feel great wearing them!

Happy Earth Day, gals.


The HEUCY Team

Tuesday’s Travel Guide: Ah, Madrid…

HEUCY is feeling Spain these days, as we concept Resort 15/16.  There’s not much about Spain that isn’t inspirational…the food, the people, the architecture, the art…the countryside and coast.  It’s all pretty darn delicious and makes us want to travel there now.  Unfortunately, that trip will have to take place in our minds for the time being.  But when we’re ready to fly, we’ll have HEUCY Gal Chantal’s Madrid travel recommendations on hand!  See below…she’s a super cool tastemaker and won’t lead any traveler astray.  She also hails from Spain so these can be classified as “insider” tips.  Hopefully you can plan a trip in the near future.  Olé!  And enjoy!

1. Eating and walking around


Walk around the Madrid antiguo, Plaza Mayor, and go have tapas in Mercado San Miguel, an old market that has been restored and is a sort of farmer’s market where you can eat and drink tapas style.  Tapas are big in Madrid, there are a million good places!

2. Flamenco

menkes flamencoflamenco shoes

Very close by you can buy your flamenco shoes, training skirt or Feria dress at Menkes Flamenco (warning: these are not cheap!)

3. Food!

Spain is full of foodies of all sorts. There are a bunch of Michelin star restaurants in Madrid, from ones that were around since I was a child and have a very “old” restaurant feel…





…to very new ones started by young chef stars with nouvelle cuisine



4. Night Life


Go out at night, late. When weather is good, the best is to go to areas where you can sit outside and have drinks (there are many areas). Go places such as Plaza Santa Ana, or calle Moratín.

plaza mayorbig_terraza_circulo_bellas_artes_madrid_15

There is a bar that has a great terrace with a view of Madrid in “El Circulo de las Bellas Artes”

5. Sleep

santo mauro 2AC-Santo-Mauro-Terraza-Restaurante

— Hotel Santo Mauro

Saabs…and More, in New York


As promised, we are talking about our sixth favorite Nordic contribution…the Saab.  Full disclosure: I own a Saab station wagon and am amazed, every time I drive it, by the Scandinavian design sensibility.  I swear this car had seat warmers before they ever existed in other cars.  And the cup holder that comes out of the dashboard with a simple “push”…well, that’s just genius.  I’m sure the newer fancy automobiles out there have these features, and more, but I’m pretty happy with my very own “timeless classic.”  There are so few around anymore!


In honor of #ThrowBackThursday, here’s a shot of one of our favorite Saab moments, from a film based in NYC.  We are inspired by Nordic culture, and scenery…but HEUCY will forever and always love NYC.  It’s where we’ve had our hearts and shoes broken, then mended, where we’ve embraced Bloombergs bans on just about everything, where we raise our kids, eat brunch with friends, complain about the weather with friends and strangers…the list is really endless.  This city can be mean, but if you love it — and love to hate it — you just may never leave.  And, most importantly, NYC is where HEUCY is proud to make every garment you see for sale on

Speaking of filming, we spent today with the folks from STGC, our incredibly awesome factory owner Rosanna, and our too good to be true videographer Arnold.  We were filming a real “behind the seams” reality show, HEUCY-style.  We can’t wait to share the finished product with you all.

Until then…#tbt and good night!


The HEUCY Team

Nordic Spring Inspiration…and a HEUCY Gal’s Top Five, Nordic Style


We had a wonderful event last night, officially kicking off the launch of HEUCY’s Nordic Spring 2015 collection.  Friends and Tastemakers arrived to try on and purchase new items, and we served a signature cocktail called a Wolf’s Paw.  (Very simple recipe: vodka, lingonberry juice and ice).

nordicfielddezeen_Summer-House-by-Mikael-Bergquist_1aOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcabins_sammarlappa

Why were we inspired by Nordic Spring?  The verdant colors and flora are so lush, the sun is so bright, the sky is so clear and the water is so inviting in that region in late Spring and Summer.  These elements became the starting point for our color pallette: citron, ivory, blue and white nautical stripes.

We’ve always admired the architecture and indoor/outdoor lifestyle of Nordic countries. Their incredibly cool, original yet utterly practical design sensibility speaks to us at HEUCY, where everything we do centers around accommodating an active, thoughtful lifestyle.  A lot of Scandinavian countries support sustainability, too, which is another synergy we found appealing.  All of these things helped the HEUCY Spring collection come to life.

We were also inspired by a somewhat faraway place because HEUCY is made for travel.  In the spirit of that, here are our Top Five Favorite Things from the Nordic lands:


1. Author Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander mysteries.  If you’ve seen the “Wallander” series on BBC, and its incredibly evocative shots of the Swedish countryside, you must read the books too.  They are page turners, and you can’t help but feel like you’re right alongside the brooding, tortured but lovable Detective Wallander.  This may be one of Kenneth Branagh’s best performances…in addition to Shakespeare, of course.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.41.24 PM

2. Svenkst Tenn ( the Stockholm-based home decor shop with the most well-curated, must-have Scandinavian items. They have an eComm shop on the site, but be careful…it’s expensive eye candy.  Great visual inspiration, no matter what your price point may be.


3. Josef Frank textiles.  They’re quirky, nature-inspired and absolutely one-of-a-kind, and work with many different styles of home decor.


4. Toast Skagen.  Where I’m from, we call this “shrimp salad”…but no matter what you call it, it’s pretty darn delicious.  Here’s a recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart.  (Fun fact: Toast Skagen is originally from Denmark, where it got its name, but we first tasted it in Sweden).


5. Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design.  It veers a little bit to the traditional, Gustavian-style…but the colors and comfort that are part of Bolander’s aesthetic are eye-catching and delicious.  Google him, or buy “Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design” on Amazon.

And here’s a sixth: Saabs.  More on that tomorrow #tbt…


The HEUCY Team

Apres Golden Globes

Malin jumpsuit

Yesterday, we saw a photo of the gorgeous actress Malin Akerman in HEUCY’s Alter Ego jumpsuit, at a pre-Golden Globes party!!  Everything about her looked perfect, so we couldn’t be happier.  We’ve always thought Malin was beautiful and talented…and now we know she has great taste in clothing 🙂

Malin also hails from Sweden, one of our favorite places on earth for a variety of reasons — and the inspiration behind our Nordic Spring 2015 Collection.  More to follow on that topic.

In the meantime, in case you missed the Golden Globes (or fell asleep during it, like I did), below is a full list of the winners.  We have not seen any of these movies, and probably won’t before the Oscars…but we can’t wait for them to become available on Netflix!


The HEUCY Team

Celebrity Mentors…And You


I woke up this morning, picked up the Sunday Styles, and found our dear friend (and model!) Andy McNicol, quoted throughout an interesting article on the rising number of “celebrity” mentors.  In addition to being a wonderful person, and great friend and person in general, Andy has given Team HEUCY priceless wisdom and thoughts on marketing our brand.  So it was fun to read her thoughts on “mentorship” and how the terminology might need to change in 2015.  “Life coach”? “Strategic leader”?  It’s early, so we’ll have to table this one and come back to it later.

The article also raised some other thoughts, especially as we start to think about the Cheryl Sandbergs, Sophia Amorusos and Diane Von Furstenbergs of the world.  These women have accomplished A LOT in their lives, no doubt.  And it’s clear why people want to listen to them.  But sometimes I find myself thinking, wow, these ladies have done so much.  What have I been doing with my time?  Should I aim to write best-selling books and complete triathlons and be “spectacular”?  What does that really mean, anyway?

It’s tricky to define yourself in this “brand of you” Instagram era, when the posts you see — even from non-famous friends — only show the good stuff.  You don’t see the toddler throwing a tantrum in the dirty snow on the sidewalk.  Or the teenage daughter screaming expletives at her mother.  But you do see US Magazine-worthy shots of people snow-shoeing in Vermont or lunching in Santa Monica or jumping in the air in Cabo.  You get what I mean.  It’s not real, really…but it is so fun to see.  True  story: when my own children were tantruming in the back of our car some time recently, my husband saw me looking at Instagram on my phone and he asked, “Are you looking at your friends’ idealized shots of their lives while your children scream in the back seat?”.  Um, yes.  I was.

So.  In keeping with our 2015 resolutions, I think the goal should be…to be good.  In every way.  Which means we can read what these ladies have to say, and take what we want from it…but put aside the self-lashing that comes from wanting to always be — and have — more.  Celebrate yourself.  For instance, my goal today is to wash my hair.  Kidding, sort of…

And our goal at HEUCY fits within this mantra.  We want to create a really great product that women like you keep coming back to, season after season, because it makes you feel your best.  Can’t wait to show you Spring.  Soon!

Until then, stay warm, and celebrate all of the amazing things you have done in your life.


The HEUCY Team

Winter Survival Tips


There’s no way to sugar coat it. Being cold is not fun. And if you live in the Northeast, it’s clear that winter has officially arrived and it’s not leaving any time soon. So we have a choice: succumb to feeling bitter, literally and figuratively, for the next few months. Or embrace winter in all of its glory, by adopting a few tools. Here are our faves:

1. Good boots. This may seem obvious, but after living in New York City for fifteen years, I finally invested in a pair of Bogs. Bogs aren’t that expensive, they are very easy to put on and take off, and they keep your feet completely insulated from snow, sleet, ice and wind. We also love Kamik boots (who better to design snow gear than the Canadians) and, of course, our favorite All-American staple LL Bean. We think the LL Bean Bar Harbour All-Weather snow boots look fabulous and “retro chic” with any of HEUCY’s dresses and jumpsuits.

2. Which brings me to fleece lined leggings. Not sure why it’s taken so long for these to enter the mainstream, since most of us like to wear dresses and regular tights don’t cut it when it’s 20 degrees outside. One of our fave places to buy warm leggings is, a one-stop-shop for “every day” undergarments (including Spanx)…but you can buy fleece lined leggings pretty much anywhere these days. Yay.

3. Chocolate. Winter is your chance to indulge and not really worry about the consequences. Dark chocolate contains flavanoids, which have been proven to help lower your risk for a number of health conditions including heart disease. And dark chocolate may raise serotonin levels, the chemical in your brain that tells you you’re happy. Serotonin dips during colder months for obvious reasons. So throw on your Weekender, grab a bar of dark chocolate and the remote, and settle in for a marathon of your favorite Bravo reality shows. Actually doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Chocolate Works UES has a variety of delicious flavors, and its run by our fave friend/entrepreneur Rachel.

4. Spicy food. See #3 above.

5. Gloves made for multi-tasking. Even though Muji hails from Japan, and its products aren’t technically US-made…we love Muji’s touch-panel gloves. They’re well-made, functional, simply chic (a la everything Muji) — and they are reasonably priced at under $20. Who needs cashmere when you can wear gloves you don’t have to take off every time you answer your phone? (And yes, we know our resolution was to stop using the phone so much…but…).

Stay warm and check out our BIG SALE on! 60% OFF your entire order, now through Friday, January 16th!


The HEUCY Team

2015: A New Year…And No Looking Back


It’s January 6th, and Team HEUCY is feeling okay about not making huge resolutions like last year.  For instance, the juice cleanse I successfully completed in January 2014 left me feeling very hungry, extremely snappy and kind of morose.  What good is losing ten pounds in January if you’re an angry person covered in a large, black puffy coat?  After coming to this conclusion, I consumed almost lethal doses of chocolate and red wine in February.  Which tasted much better than almost lethal doses of raw kale.

Here at HEUCY, our 2015 resolutions aren’t about striving to look better, thinner or younger…or writing the great American novel, or making a ton of money, or becoming the perfect parent.  Instead we want to focus on being nice to our neighbors (as in, genuinely kind), being present (put the phone down after 6pm), being helpful (there are lots of people out there with bigger problems than ours) and being grateful.

And at the risk of sounding trite, we also want to focus on making clothes that make women feel better than ever, in every way. We love this quote from the amazing Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Now, we know Maya wasn’t talking about jersey dresses and jumpsuits, but we take her words to heart on many levels.

Thank you, HEUCY Gals and Dudes, for helping us make 2014 such a spectacular year.  Here’s to 2015 and doing things that really matter.  Happy new year!


The HEUCY Team