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What Does “Being Chic” Mean to You?

DeanneYeeWhen we asked our friend and HEUCY Gal Deanne Yee, “What does being chic mean to you?”, she said, “Feeling confident in your own skin!” ūüôā

We thought this was a brilliant answer. ¬†And it led us to wonder, how can you feel confident…on days when you’re not feeling so great about yourself? ¬†When you haven’t washed your hair, or you’re in a rut at work, or¬†you’ve gained a few pounds after stress-eating during last night’s episode of “Homeland”.

I pulled up an¬†article from The Huffington Post, posted on 9/1/14, which covers¬†“8 Scientifically-Backed Ways to Feel More Confident (Even When You’re Not)”…it’s a great list to keep in mind on those feeling-not-so-hot days. ¬†Here’s a synopsis:

1. Stand tall, with good posture. ¬†To be honest, we’re not a huge fan of this one because it requires core strength and anyone who has had children knows how unrealistic this is. ¬†But unfortunately, it does make sense.

2. Listen to music, specifically bass-heavy tunes.  Not a problem when your child has figured out how to operate Sonos and Spotify.

3. Think of a time when you were powerful. ¬†This can include¬†career success, childbirth…or doing something exceptional like¬†keeping your calm while in line at the DMV. ¬†Or Starbucks. ¬†Don’t discount those little victories.

4. “Indulge in your morning ritual”…wow. ¬†When is the last time you actually took time to be “mindful” in the morning, while getting dressed? ¬†Truth be told (embarrassing disclosure), sometimes we are so frazzled in the morning, we forget to brush our teeth. ¬†After washing down an onion bagel with a large cup of coffee. ¬†But I digress. ¬†At¬†HEUCY, our goal is to create a collection that gives¬†women more time to do this — to think about themselves, and their loved ones, and their day ahead…and to brush their teeth — instead of¬†tearing their closets apart in the morning in an effort to find something appropriate/versatile/clean to wear.

5. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  Literally and figuratively speaking.  We take this one to heart at HEUCY.  If you want to look like like a grown up, you should dress like one.  Comfortable, versatile and chic clothes are a large part of the equation here.

6. Think of your favorite celebrities, and their best qualities. ¬†Channel those. ¬†Right now we are crushing on any celeb who chooses to grow old gracefully, has a sense of humor AND does something to help the environment and/or people in need. ¬†Oh, and we like the really talented ones. ¬†This narrows the list a bit, but Natalie Portman immediately comes to mind…and¬†others who will hopefully be wearing HEUCY one day!

7. Yoga and stretching. If you can’t go to a yoga class, you can¬†just lie down in child’s pose and pray that no one bothers you. ¬†(Hiding in a closet works here).

8. Learn something new or pursue an interest outside of your day-to-day. ¬†Spanish, Algebra, backgammon, an art class…anything. ¬†I know, it’s easier said than done. ¬†But getting out of your comfort zone can set you up for a lot of personal success. ¬†And sometimes the best kind of success is the kind you feel, rather than what people immediately see.

Happy Monday!


The HEUCY Team