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Monday’s Musing…on a Tuesday


A few months back, we were obsessing over Carrie Mathison’s choice of accessories. A cross-body bag didn’t seem like the smartest choice for a CIA operative in Pakistan, especially when she’s being chased by bad guys. But we’ve let that go, as we’ve noticed how fabulous a cross-body bag would look with our Nordic Spring styles. Once again, Carrie, you were right.


Alas, we have to wait many months to see how Carrie’s wardrobe choices and love life evolves. Fortunately, House of Cards is now available on Netflix! We can throw down our books and binge watch five episodes at a time, as one is meant to do, regardless of wake-up time and other more serious obligations.


And as we watch House of Cards, we can’t help but analyze Claire Underwood’s wardrobe. If anyone has a uniform, it’s this first lady. Claire is much more high fashion than Carrie, natch (no pant suits in sight)…but her style also lacks a comfort that could benefit the busy days and nights of WOPOTUS. Maybe Claire wouldn’t be so darn mean and conniving if she weren’t packed into a tight, unforgiving pencil skirt?  Perhaps the scheming would stop, or lessen a bit, if Claire was wearing the Alter Ego jumpsuit and daydreaming about her more innocent days as a Harvard undergrad?


We can see that Claire loves a very well-tailored garment, and that won’t change. But with all that back-stabbing, manipulation, running around the Capitol and – literally — running…we think Claire should incorporate some HEUCY sustainable jersey into her life. It would accommodate her active lifestyle much better than those stiff dresses and tight blazers. And we think the environmental lobbyists would go crazy over her eco-friendly fashion.


Here are our top 5 picks for Claire, just in time for Spring and the cherry trees abloom.


The Date Night in feather print. Lots of allusions to eggs and feathers in episode 2. Again, we won’t go there…but we do think the print would look FAB on Claire and could be perfect if she decides to escape D.C. again to visit an old amour. This dress is so easy to pack and it doesn’t wrinkle. (Remember, last time, she didn’t even change clothes. This could fit into her Celine bag).

Alter EgoClaire-Underwood

The Alter Ego in gray bamboo microstripe. Gray is such a House of Cards color…and this jumpsuit is perfect for lounging on the White House couch, lobbying senators for that coveted UN appointment.


The Weekender in Indigo. We can’t wait to release this style very soon (stay tuned). Once campaigning starts, Claire will need this dress. She’s obviously very disciplined about what she eats…but chicken wings and donuts are part of the job when want red state votes. (I come from one, so I’m not judging). A little looser fabric around the middle can’t hurt when the photo-op snacking starts. Sorry, Claire. But it must be done for the sake of the country.


The Problem Solver. This dress is great for women like Claire, who love to run and who always have problems that need solving. She could throw this on after a jog around the Mall, and quickly pop into Hector Mendoza’s office to tell him what she really thinks.   A “hothead”, Mr. Mendoza, would not wear a cool dress like this.


The Burnout. We haven’t finished Season 3 yet (don’t tell us the ending!), so we’re still placing bets on what happens. I’m thinking Claire finally has a crisis of conscience and she decides to run off to the Greek Isles with her ex-amour, the cute photographer.  A Mediterranean diet and lots of sunshine could do her a world of good.

Which leads to a spin-off…the photog is actually a CIA Operative who has had a fling with Carrie Mathison. A Claire/Carrie face-off would be phenomenal, don’t you think?  In jersey, of course.


The HEUCY Team

Top Five Ways to Show Confidence


Remember this?  It’s one of Team HEUCY’s favorite movies of all time: Working Girl.  Tess has bad hair and a pretty strong accent..but she’s a smart cookie, and after a getting a haircut, working on her “game” (no more fidgeting) and stealing some outfits from Sigourney Weaver’s closet, she gets the job and the guy.  (A 1980s Harrison Ford…nuff said).  The only thing missing from Tess’s makeover was a HEUCY wardrobe.  Can’t you imagine her killing it in the board room in the Date Night, and then heading out for drinks with Mr. Ford?  Zipper up!


This movie reminds me of entering the workforce after college, and thinking that many of my elders in the room (mostly men, I’m sad to say) were really smart and “on it”.  As I sat in my poly-blend black skirt suit and square toed pumps from Loehmann’s, I would watch the “Directors” in the room talk and think to myself, these people must really know what they’re doing.  When I grow up, I want to be just like them!

Now that I’m grown up, and a bit wiser, I realize that most of those people were actually winging it.  They sounded “right” and people listened to them because they were poised and confident.  If you want your point to be heard, and followed, then how you say something matters as much as what you say.  An English accents helps too, but in lieu of that, you can really use your body language to show confidence.  Whether you’re in a conference room, a coffee shop or a toddler’s bedroom explaining “why not”, these tips are great to keep in mind.

1. Put your hands out.  If this makes you uncomfortable, put them on your hips.  Never in your pockets!  Having hands out in the open shows you have nothing to hide, which is very important when negotiating with old and young people.

2. Chin up, eyes forward.

3. Stand up straight!  When you’re walking, try to remember to push your shoulders back slightly.  Not too much.  Holding in your stomach helps.  (Yes, we know this is hard…especially if you’ve had kids and/or consumed too many bagels that day…we’ll follow up with some quick core strengthening and toning exercises 🙂

4. Smile.  I have a friend who used to compensate for her size (she’s very petite) by never smiling in a meeting.  She wanted to be revered, so she felt like she had to act tough.  Now she acknowledges that a softer approach would have been more effective.  You want people on your side.  You can be nice and smart.

5. Make contact.  Think of Bill Clinton’s double-handed hand shake and a pat on the back…people like this.  Obviously, too much is too much sometimes in a professional setting, so gauge appropriately.

TGIF, people!  Have a great weekend.


The HEUCY Team

HEUCY Gals Galore!


Yesterday was a #HEUCYGal extravaganza!  We photographed some of our favorite ladies in their own HEUCY…and asked them to style it their way.  Nicola wore Chanel booties, Andy wore Manolos…and Susan, our factory owner, wore some super-cool sneakers with her #AlterEgo jumpsuit.  Susan also brought another accessory — her two daughters — to the shoot!


These HEUCY Gals brought some other important items — their personalities and a sense of humor — to the shoot, which made yesterday inspiring in so many ways.  We had some champagne and chatted about all of the different, interesting things everyone is doing.  Cards were exchanged.  Nicola recently launched a men’s styling business called Harrison Style, and she’s writing for “Downtown” magazine on the side.  Vanessa’s photography business is taking off, and we shot in her new studio space.  Andy is a super-agent working on insanely cool projects and the Snyder sisters continue to quickly make their way up the ladder at Google.  Jerry, our makeup artist, was joking that his 28th birthday was a few days earlier…and when I thought about it, I realized that I’m reaching 40 soon but the really interesting journey is just getting started.  (Apologies if this sounds cheesy…but it comes from the heart).


Here at HEUCY, we’ve been incredibly encouraged and excited by the support our collection has gotten.  And our success would not be possible without women like these HEUCY Gals.  Thank you, Erika, Kate, Nicola, Andy and Susan for letting us photograph you!  And for making HEUCY yours…because our concept is built around enabling women like you — women with full, crazy, interesting, busy lives — to do what you do, without having to worry about the little things.  Who has time for that, anyway?

Have a great weekend!


The HEUCY Team

#TBT: The Thomas Crown Affair & Classic, Versatile Dressing


It’s Thursday…and in the spirit of throwbacks, we thought it would be fun to go back to 1999…when the 2.0 version of “The Thomas Crown Affair” came out — and all of us were swooning over Renee Russo’s wardrobe.  She was decked in Michael Kors for Celine throughout the whole movie.  And she looked just as chic as Faye Dunaway did in the original (we loved that one too…I mean Faye + Steve McQueen?  ‘Nuff said).


As you’re probably aware, Russo played Catherine Banning, a self-made art consultant/high-end “detective” who is engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with Pierce Brosnan, who plays the hottie rich dude Thomas Crown.  He is wealthy (also self-made), flies his own jet, has a house in Mustique…and steals art for fun.  What’s not to love about this movie?  Catherine is impeccably dressed throughout the movie, in classic, timeless dresses and clothes.


Fortunately, HEUCY is made for you whether you have Catherine’s figure (lucky you!) or you don’t (it’s okay, neither do we).  We think that if this movie were made again (can you imagine?), then a little bit of HEUCY would go a long way.  When Catherine was whisked away from New York City to Thomas’s place in Mustique (or was it St. Barth’s?), it would have helped if she had some HEUCY on her body or in her bag.  The Date Night or Bon Voyage would have been perfect!  It doesn’t wrinkle, and it’s very easy to put on and take off!  Let’s hope for 3.0.

Happy “Throw Back Thursday”!


The HEUCY Team

HEUCY & The MiA Project


Happy Monday, HEUCY Gals (and Guys)!

Fortunately, I have something happier than “Homeland” to write about today.  The MiA (Made in America) Project is now showcasing two of HEUCY’s most popular (and soon to be back in stock) styles, our #AlterEgo jumpsuit and the #DateNight.  The MiA Project is an incredibly thoughtful and beautiful digital platform (read: website) that profiles American designers and their American-made products…and connects these designers with people who appreciate high-quality merchandise made right here in the USA.

HEUCY is a concept built around the idea of simplicity and sustainability.  This is a large part of the reason why we produce garments right here in New York City.  We depend upon our partners here — our factory, our fabric vendors in L.A., and others — to make it happen, and that’s become increasingly clear as we push to produce more of the styles that are out of stock.  (Due to popular demand…yay!).  So, we are thrilled to be part of a project that celebrates and highlights American-made creations and all of the people behind them.

MiA’s founders, Micha Thomas and Jaime Lawson, are HEUCY Gals of the first order…juggling lots of different projects and staying true to a cause they care about.  Check out the website when you can.


The HEUCY Team

Staying “Connected”…with actual humans

HEUCY attended Randi Zinn’s #beyondmommixer last night, and we were so impressed by the planning that went into it.  In particular, Randi’s intention behind who she wanted to include, and how best to “connect” people who may have common goals, career paths, etc.  Thanks, Randi, for including us in such a worthwhile and fun event!  We also just read a great article in the New York Times about IRL social clubs and Dinner with Bevy, and other “dinner party” networking events where people actually talk and eat together. Physically. In person.  Sometimes they even dance!


This week’s theme has become (somewhat unintentionally) about people actually interacting and connecting in “real life” — not just through Instagram, or Twitter, or any other type of social media.  Disclaimer: HEUCY loves Instagram, and all of those other things…but as the weekend approaches, let’s think about putting down our phones and enjoying some literal “face time” with friends and loved ones.

Sequence 02.Still007

Shameless promo opportunity: the HEUCY Date Night dress is a great way to “connect” with a loved one.  Adjustable side zipper and all…TGIF!


Your friends at HEUCY