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Finding Time to Work Out…When You Have No Time. Top Five Ways You Can Just Do It!


Our friend and HEUCY Gal Amanda Freeman is a role model on many levels: she’s a super-smart, witty, successful entrepreneur and people just love her.  She’s also an exercise enthusiast, and CEO of SLT (Strengthen-Lengthen-Tone) in Manhattan and other locations in the tri-state area.  For more info, go to SLT’s website: www.sltnyc.com.  If you haven’t heard of SLT, it’s basically — in a nutshell — Pilates meets cardio meets strength training.  And it’s one of the toughest workouts you’ll ever do.  But, as it generally goes with these types of things, if you do it you can see some major results.


But, alas, many of us don’t have time to make it to a class during the day.  And that’s okay, because there are ways to stay in shape without leaving your office or home.  Which is a nice thought during these cold winter months!  And when there’s a pile of work on the desk.

Amanda has kindly shared her list of Top 5 Tips To Stay In Shape For Those of Us Always in a Hurry.  

  1. Multi-task – When you are pressed for time and squeezing in a workout, find ways to multi-task. Work arms and legs at the same time by adding arm weight exercises to your treadmill or indoor cycling routine.
  2. Workout Anywhere – Be open minded about what is considered a workout and where you consider appropriate workout venues. If you work behind a desk all day, consider ways to turn your office into a gym (medicine ball chair/treadmill desk). If you have tons of errands to run, be creative about how you get to and from each errand (skip or run maybe?!) and squeeze in exercises like squats while waiting on line. You may look a little odd while you’re doing it, but you’ll look better after!
  3. Mix it up – Varying up your workouts is both good for the mind and the body. Avoid getting into a rut and getting bored with your workouts by keeping some variety in your fitness regimen. The variety will also ensure better results, as muscles will continue to change with the diversity of challenges it is presented with.
  4. Full Body Exercises – Rather than spending 15 minutes of your gym time on leg work and then 15 focused on abs, focus on exercises that work your whole body at once. Go for push ups, lunges with arm weights, and squats with a medicine ball.
  5. No more Hour Long Workouts – So many of us assume a good workout should last 60 minutes. Screw that. Use whatever time you have and give it your all. The shorter the time period, the higher intensity the workout should be.   30-minute workouts here we come.

Thanks, Amanda!  You’ve inspired us.  Happy Weekend…and happy workout!


The HEUCY Team

Inspired by the Chicago Marathon…Top Ten Workouts That Work


HEUCY is feeling inspired by the Chicago Marathon!  We know tomorrow is technically a “holiday”…but you may feel like some exercise is in your future.  This could be doubly true if you have kids, and tomorrow is also a “day off” for them and you need to “go work out”…away from home.

Some fabulous #HeucyGals gave us their favorite go-to workouts, and why they work, which we’ve listed here in our Top Ten list.  PS, the HEUCY #AlterEgo Jumpsuit is a great post-workout outfit.  Enjoy!

1. SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone) — http://www.sltnyc.com

Many women we know do this Megaformer™/Lagree Fitness® workout, and swear by it.  It is Tough with a Capital T, but you get results.  “If cardio, strength training and pilates had a baby, it would be SLT…”  We also love the CEO Amanda Freeman, who is a friend, entrepreneur and #HeucyGal extraordinaire.

You may have seen an article about SLT and the Lagree Megaformer™ in the New York Times a few weeks ago:


2. Spinning — soulcycle.com / flywheel.com


Aileen Haugh says, “When I’m on the bike, I feel unstoppable, inspired and strong!” — which is exactly how we want to feel, every minute of every day!

3. Yoga — laughinglotus.com / yogaworks.com

We are big fans of Laughing Lotus, because the teachers (especially Kenny) always keep it real.  The last time we went, Kenny talked about being annoyed by people…and he’s a Yogi, so it made us feel not-so-bad about feeling the same way. Just sometimes.  And then we felt even better about cleaning the slate, and Namaste-ing through any adversity.

4. Physique 57 — physique57.com

Physique 57, a barre-based workout with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery, helped one of us lose baby weight after gaining roughly 50 pounds during pregnancy.  (It was before calorie counts were posted at Baskin & Robbins).  Anyway, this workout — in case you haven’t heard of it — is why Kelly Rippa looks like Kelly Rippa.  Unfortunately, her body is reserved for celebs…but you do get results.

5. Rowing — rowhousenyc.com / cityrow.com

To be perfectly honest, this is not something we have done or would ever do.  When we think of rowing, we think of Frank Underwood and the next season of “House of Cards” (as in, where are you??). But, anyhoo, a friend of ours recently went to a rowing class, and Channing Tatum was directly across from her.  Yes, #chaytates.

6. Running


Our chic friend Jocelyn Cheng (in black) relies on her run in Central Park “to clear my head in the morning and start the day.” You go, girl!  That must be where your gorgeous glow comes from too, Jocelyn!  Can’t beat the price, either.

7. Chaise Fitness — chaisefitness.com

We heart Chaise, for a few reasons.  It’s a body-sculpting mix of Ballet, Pilates and Aerobics, with much focus on the core.  The staff and instructors are incredibly nice and don’t yell at you when you’re late (or when you’re doing something wrong).  And the Chaise “Reinvention” method was created by a lovely mother/daughter team, Lauren and Rachel Piskin, in response to the havoc that professional dancing had wreaked on Rachel’s body.  www.chaisefitness.com

8. Holly Rilinger Fitness Revolution — hollyrilinger.com

We haven’t personally met Holly, but lots of our friends worship at the altar of Holly’s workout and her motivational style.  She also has cool playlists and other words of wisdom on her website (e.g. “Sleep is the foundation of health”) that we find informative. And, Holly is a 5’4″ former WNBA player, which means she knows about getting what you want.  Against the odds.

9. Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon — movementsalon.com

The Pilates and Gyrotonics are good here.  But we’re really writing about Sal’s because the massages are AMAZING.  And not expensive, by NYC standards.

10. Our friend Micol’s go-to workout:

“A visit to Russ + Daughters.  Because lox.”  We love you, Micol!


Happy long weekend, everyone.


The HEUCY Team