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#National Handbag Day & Top 10 Totes for Busy Women


HEUCY just learned that yesterday was #NationalHandbagDay. We’re a little late to the party, but would love to share our thoughts on the Top 10 tote bags for busy women. (We love totes almost as much as we “totes” love backpacks…more on that later).

I remember when I moved to New York, right after college just a few years back (hee hee) and I lugged my big, shiny, purple Esprit messenger tote with me everywhere. One night, an older/wiser/more fashionable woman pulled me aside at a cocktail party and said, with a look of real concern: “Honey, we must get you a new bag.”

Now I am older and a little bit wiser, and I no longer own that messenger tote and all of the insecurities and bad choices that came with it. I actually feel pretty confident in our collective take on the best handbags.

To make HEUCY’s list, bags had to fit the following criteria:

1. Displaced items (e.g. sunnies, tampons, lip gloss, business cards, half-full water bottles) can swim around in the bag…but no one can tell they’re swimming in there. It looks TIC (totally in control) from the outside. Kind of like you.

2. Transitions seamlessly from day to night, in case a clutch transfer is not happening.

3. Must, of course, pair well with a HEUCY dress and/or jumpsuit

Here’s the Top Ten, enjoy!

The Gap’s Camo Tote (photo below) —  Slightly edgy, roomy and versatile.  Good conversation starter.  (“You got that at The Gap?!”). http://www.gap.com


Louis Vuitton’s Sac Plat Brown Tote — A timeless classic, that happens to be very durable.  Always chic. http://www.louisvuitton.com

louis-vuitton-sac-plat-pm-monogram-canvas-handbags--M40806_PM2_Front view

Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket Bag – The bag “of the moment”, but we think these will be around for a while.  Comes in tons of cool colors — our faves are Blu and Camello.  www.mansurgavriel.com


Marni PVC Shopping Bag – This tote takes high/low to a whole new level.  And it’s very roomy.  Fortunately, it’s also less expensive than a Marni dress, so if you’re going to splurge…www.marni.com


Clare V. Gosee Tote — we love Clare V. bags because they’re chic, versatile AND made in the USA…in LA, actually, where we source a lot of HEUCY’s sustainable fabric.  This style in particular is “made for the working woman.”  We can see why!  www.clarev.com


Everlane Petra Magazine Bag — we heart all things Everlane, and this bag is no exception.  Subtle details and fine craftsmanship, at a very fine price.  www.everlane.com

Everlane petra leather market tote

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel — we just fell in love with the “Cobalt” color.  Would pair very well with HEUCY’s watercolor print, gray or black.  An investment piece. www.31philliplim.com


Want les essentials de la vie OHare Shopper Tote — Fashion meets function in the most beautiful way.  One of our new fave lines, perfect for travel.  www.wantessentiels.com


Mark and Graham Elisabetta Slouch handbag — I have this one.  Can’t beat free shipping, free monogramming (why not) and a great interior pocket to hide your stuff.


Cream Mirrored Tote by Cook & Gates — An artistic print that can help you reinvent yourself any day of the week.  The line is hand-printed in Brooklyn, which we think makes it extra-special. www.cookandgates.net


Staying “Connected”…with actual humans

HEUCY attended Randi Zinn’s #beyondmommixer last night, and we were so impressed by the planning that went into it.  In particular, Randi’s intention behind who she wanted to include, and how best to “connect” people who may have common goals, career paths, etc.  Thanks, Randi, for including us in such a worthwhile and fun event!  We also just read a great article in the New York Times about IRL social clubs and Dinner with Bevy, and other “dinner party” networking events where people actually talk and eat together. Physically. In person.  Sometimes they even dance!


This week’s theme has become (somewhat unintentionally) about people actually interacting and connecting in “real life” — not just through Instagram, or Twitter, or any other type of social media.  Disclaimer: HEUCY loves Instagram, and all of those other things…but as the weekend approaches, let’s think about putting down our phones and enjoying some literal “face time” with friends and loved ones.

Sequence 02.Still007

Shameless promo opportunity: the HEUCY Date Night dress is a great way to “connect” with a loved one.  Adjustable side zipper and all…TGIF!


Your friends at HEUCY

“Work-Life Integration”

66 days until launch

“Work-Life Integration”

I recently came across this article on zady.com. It really struck a chord as I imagine we are all feeling that “Sunday night dread” of fall approaching – when the impending onslaught of serious obligations and packed schedules start to give us heart palpitations. When we are thinking, “how do I achieve a better work-life balance this year”?

The article refreshingly states:

Let’s look at the phrase “work-life balance” more closely. Balance implies that two separate forces are involved, each pulling in a different direction. Which is exactly how we’ve put it into practice: We divide our work life and our home life into church and state, and thereby set them up for conflict.

She challenges the reader to think more in terms of work-life “integration” instead of “balance” – recognizing that one does not have to be such an out-of-place intrusion on the other.

Here at HEUCY we have been thinking hard about who our woman is, how she will wear each piece, how she will be able to care (or not since she is busy) for each piece. These pieces are crafted for women who strive for this integration – for those who don’t want to think so rigidly about work-wear and life-wear. She wants effortless style – to be comfortable but chic. We want to offer an option that fills the void between twin sets paired with mid-rise khakis and yoga pants (please ladies, those are not meant for outside the gym). Try this instead: