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HEUCY Gals, We’ve Got You Covered…with the Cover Up Dress

The Cover Up_Bright Blue Mariner Stripe_Shot2The Cover Up-Casual

Here at HEUCY, every single dress and jumpsuit is thoughtfully designed, with our beloved HEUCY Gal’s needs in mind.  Some of the questions and considerations we mull over, throughout the design process, include:

Can she go, effortlessly, from drop-off to a morning meeting to work lunch to a mani/pedi (somewhat aspirational) to drinks with colleagues to dinner with friends…and then wherever the night takes her…in one dress?

Will she feel comfortable doing the multitude of things that make up her day?  Can she jump over puddles, walk briskly and/or run in this outfit?  In other words, will the fabric move with her rather than against her?

Can she wear this dress on a work trip, and not worry about being a mess of wrinkles at her 8am meeting and her 8pm client dinner?

Can she wear this jumpsuit on a long flight with the kids and still feel like a human when she arrives at her destination?

Can she get dirty in this dress, and not worry about it because it’s machine washable, sustainable fabric that can take the wear and tear of a HEUCY Gal’s life?

The answer to all of these questions is…YES!  The latest installment in the Spring collection, the Cover Up, is a testament to HEUCY’s commitment to YOU — and our goal to accommodate your dynamic, busy lifestyle.  Added value: it comes in a gorgeous bright blue mariner stripe that will remind you it’s Spring!  And then Summer.

Buy it now before it sells out, gals!



The HEUCY Team

Claudia Wu — A Perfect Ten in the Perfect Ten 2.0! Shop It Now on heucy.com!


We had the pleasure of photographing HEUCY Gal Claudia Wu, the Co-Editor of Cherry Bombe magazine, on a sunny afternoon.  Cherry Bombe, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a kick-a** publication that Claudia and Kerry Diamond started to celebrate amazing women who love food.  They profile “women who do cool sh*t” — and the magazine is an ode to all things delicious — so it was a match made in heaven.  Check it out for some really great recipes and interviews with inspiring, interesting, dynamic women.

Claudia was the perfect “real life” example of how versatile the Perfect Ten dress is…because when Claudia isn’t designing and editing, she’s doing some pretty cool sh*t herself.  We’re psyched to share some of her favorite things with you.

1) What is your favorite vacation spot of all time?

sicily 2sicily 3sicily 4
This is a tough one to answer since there are so many places I’d still like to go, but I had an amazing time driving around Sicily a few years ago.  (This is also on our top ten list of where we want to go…check out AFAR magazine’s Palermo travel guide as a starting point!)

2) What is your favorite food?


Dark chocolate. (We concur, and love Mast Brothers because it comes from Brooklyn and it’s simply beyond).

3) What are you currently reading?

Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef. It’s Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir. She owns the restaurant Prune in New York City. She’s just as amazing a writer as she is a chef.

4) What’s your favorite HEUCY outfit?

I’m torn between The Perfect Ten, The Weekender and The Burnout. They’re perfect for different occasions! (Don’t worry…you’re not missing something…the Burnout will be released next month! We have some great shots of Claudia in it, too! Stay tuned 🙂

5) If I had twenty free minutes right now, I would…

Take a nap or get a quick massage!

A Recipe for Following Your Passion…And Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Ali Cayne

Today we’re profiling HEUCY Gal Ali Cayne, the founder of Haven’s Kitchen — an amazing cooking school, food shop and event space in New York City.  (Which, coincidentally has some seriously decadent Valentine’s Day gifts including CHOCOLATE GANACHE DULCE DE LECHE CAKE FOR TWO and tons of other delicious items and classes available online if you still need to get something for your sweetie, to go along with your HEUCY Date Night dress.  Just sayin’…)

havens3  havens 5

Anyhoo, back to Ali.  She founded Haven’s Kitchen while she was in the midst of a major life change. She had just started to get her Master’s in Food Studies, and was moving downtown with her five kids. She had separated from her husband, whom she married when she was 25, and was starting a completely new chapter in her life. Ali was bravely moving out of the comfort zone of a very familiar existence, into unmarked territory.

Her idea for Haven’s came about organically. Ali always loved to cook, and was often teaching cooking classes to friends and friends of friends who loved her food. Ali thought, why not make this into a business? The premise was to teach cooking that comes from intuition, while using fresh, sustainable and delicious ingredients.


Coincidentally, I was one of the first people to “beta test” Haven’s Kitchen, at a private cooking class a few years ago. It was pretty awesome. We made chicken pot pie, from scratch, and drank copious amounts of red wine while churning béchamel sauce and rolling out pie crusts. I felt like I was in the middle of a Nancy Meyers film (if you’ve been to Haven’s, you’ll know what I’m talking about). We laughed a lot, and learned that chicken pot pie could never, ever be called “low fat.” But the bigger picture was, who cares? It was freezing outside, we were learning from a literal “top chef” (who has since moved to Nashville to open her own restaurant) and we were having so much fun. Not surprisingly, Haven’s has slowly, but surely, taken off since then as New Yorkers’ favorite “place to reconnect with food, our community, and each other.”

havens 4

We’ve asked Ali to share some of her seasonal “non-recipes” with us, which are perfect for the HEUCY Gal on the go. Those will come soon. In the meantime, Ali has some priceless advice for anyone who is thinking about starting a new career, or choosing a new path in life…or doing something completely new and unusual on the side.

havens 6

#1: Start learning the thing that you find interesting.

Ali has always loved good food, and cooking, so she decided to get a Masters in Food Studies. This led to a major “aha” moment, when Ali was tasked with finding an internship as part of her course curriculum. Not being a “millennial,” and having five kids at home, Ali thought it would be quite difficult to find an employer who would hire a thirty-something intern. But she swallowed her pride and reached out to the woman who was running the Education Station at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. The woman met with Ali, and immediately handed her the keys to the Education van when she found out Ali had five kids. She said, “If you are currently parenting five children, then you can clearly handle this job.” That internship was a turning point for Ali, because many of the people on her tour would correspond with her afterward for thoughts and advice. It helped give her the confidence to open Haven’s Kitchen.

#2: Don’t separate who you are and who you want to be. Figure out who you want to be and go for it.  

Ali had been a wife and mother for almost 15 years, but didn’t start Haven’s until she was in her late thirties. She also pointed out that Edith Wharton didn’t write her first book until she was 40, and Julia Child didn’t become “Julia Child” until she was 40. We have our own timelines, and there’s always enough time to pursue your passion.

 #3: Don’t be intimidated by the creative process.

It’s so easy to assume that some people are just born talented. This may be partly true…but success is also due, in large part, to hard work. Ask anyone who has published a novel. So if you want to write a book, or paint a picture…or pursue any type of creative endeavor, don’t assume that you aren’t talented enough to do it. There’s a lot of elbow grease and patience involved.  And the first step (not to sound cliche, or anything) is to start your project.

A lot of this is easier said than done, especially for those of us with millions of balls and responsibilities in the air. But it’s incredibly inspiring to see a HEUCY Gal like Ali, who has managed to recreate her life and successfully do something every day that she really loves.

Oh, and did we mention that Ali is currently dating a younger French man?  Follow your dreams, gals.



#TBT: Saved By The Bell, and Our Top Five Anti-Agers

Jimmy Fallon’s “flashback” to his days at Bayside High is a can’t miss. Here’s a clip in case you missed it. We loved this segment for several reasons:

  • We heart Jimmy Fallon (who doesn’t?)
  • HEUCY Gal Alice’s husband Jay is producing one of the best shows right now, Celebrity Lip Sync with Jimmy Fallon (another must-see; Google “Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon” and prepare to almost wet your pants)
  • It reminds us why sustainable jersey is SO MUCH BETTER than anything we wore during our teen years (acid washed jeans, anyone?)
  • Oh, and we went to high school at the exact same time as the Bayside crew.


Why, then, I wondered, do I look so much older than present-day Zach, Jesse, Kelly and Slater? Is Mr. Belding really the only one in the cast who put on some extra weight?

In an effort to keep up with these cats, and whatever they must be doing to stay forever young, we polled some experts for a Top Five list of anti-aging tools that are truly affordable and accessible. And guess what? All of these products are available at your neighborhood drug store. #weloveya


This serum has three potent ingredients: hyaluronic acid, a glucose complex and retinol—which work together to plump lines and reduce wrinkles. Yes, please.


You can find one at any drug store, and it works wonders to make you look awake.  Even when you’re really, really tired.


We remember when this anti-oxidant serum, with skin-brightening Vitamin C, hit the U.S. shelves a few years back after becoming a craze in London.  We’re assuming Kate Moss uses it, because she hasn’t really aged after years and years of living like a rock star.


This two-step system of an eye cream and a lash serum smooths crow’s-feet with peptides and coats lashes with glycerin to make them look thicker.  Again, eyelashes make a big difference.


HEUCY Gal Kerry, who looks ten years younger than she actually is, turned us on to this lotion. It contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid that really hydrate your skin. And the salicylic acid works to exfoliate dry skin at the same time.  This is a real winter skin-saver.

Now, get thee to your nearest drug store so you can look and feel like you just took a vacation to California to visit our friends at Bayside.  It looks like they never left!


The HEUCY Team

#TBT: Jumpsuits.

The jumpsuit is clearly having a moment.  Its design has evolved over the years, but the intention is still pretty much the same.  It’s a simple, versatile silhouette that can accommodate any lifestyle.  Whether you’re dodging paparazzi or simply getting morning coffee, the jumpsuit can work for you.

The headlines from the seventies (“elegance” and “one easy piece”) are still relevant, too.  Fortunately, the hair styles are not.

B_CM0237kate mossjumpsuit eleganceJumpsuits-for-men-resize

Our friend and HEUCY Gal Veronica recently asked us how to style the Alter Ego when it’s freezing outside.  A very good question, now that the polar vortex has officially arrived and we’ve started scouring the web for sun lamps.  Here are some ways a few HEUCY Gals have accessorized their Alter Egos.

1. Anna paired hers with a colorful scarf – great for winter temps and gray days


2. Fashionista Kim is wearing hers with a black cardigan and ballet flats.


You can’t go wrong with a classic jean jacket, which Anna is wearing in this shot.  Take your puffy off, leave the jean jacket on!

HEUCY gals

3. And if you’re pondering what footwear to go with, here are a few options.  Susan, HEUCY’s awesome factory owner, wears her Alter Ego with wedge trainers. Randi Zinn, the dynamo behind Beyond Mom, wears hers with Toms.  And super chic Claire paired hers with pearls and kitten heels.


The best accessories, of course — in addition to the ones above and regardless of temperature — are confidence and a sense of humor.  The latter is definitely required when it dips below 30 degrees!  And maybe some frequent flier miles, too…in case your Alter Ego needs a warmer climate in January.

Stay warm!


The HEUCY Team

Inspired by the Chicago Marathon…Top Ten Workouts That Work


HEUCY is feeling inspired by the Chicago Marathon!  We know tomorrow is technically a “holiday”…but you may feel like some exercise is in your future.  This could be doubly true if you have kids, and tomorrow is also a “day off” for them and you need to “go work out”…away from home.

Some fabulous #HeucyGals gave us their favorite go-to workouts, and why they work, which we’ve listed here in our Top Ten list.  PS, the HEUCY #AlterEgo Jumpsuit is a great post-workout outfit.  Enjoy!

1. SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone) — http://www.sltnyc.com

Many women we know do this Megaformer™/Lagree Fitness® workout, and swear by it.  It is Tough with a Capital T, but you get results.  “If cardio, strength training and pilates had a baby, it would be SLT…”  We also love the CEO Amanda Freeman, who is a friend, entrepreneur and #HeucyGal extraordinaire.

You may have seen an article about SLT and the Lagree Megaformer™ in the New York Times a few weeks ago:


2. Spinning — soulcycle.com / flywheel.com


Aileen Haugh says, “When I’m on the bike, I feel unstoppable, inspired and strong!” — which is exactly how we want to feel, every minute of every day!

3. Yoga — laughinglotus.com / yogaworks.com

We are big fans of Laughing Lotus, because the teachers (especially Kenny) always keep it real.  The last time we went, Kenny talked about being annoyed by people…and he’s a Yogi, so it made us feel not-so-bad about feeling the same way. Just sometimes.  And then we felt even better about cleaning the slate, and Namaste-ing through any adversity.

4. Physique 57 — physique57.com

Physique 57, a barre-based workout with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery, helped one of us lose baby weight after gaining roughly 50 pounds during pregnancy.  (It was before calorie counts were posted at Baskin & Robbins).  Anyway, this workout — in case you haven’t heard of it — is why Kelly Rippa looks like Kelly Rippa.  Unfortunately, her body is reserved for celebs…but you do get results.

5. Rowing — rowhousenyc.com / cityrow.com

To be perfectly honest, this is not something we have done or would ever do.  When we think of rowing, we think of Frank Underwood and the next season of “House of Cards” (as in, where are you??). But, anyhoo, a friend of ours recently went to a rowing class, and Channing Tatum was directly across from her.  Yes, #chaytates.

6. Running


Our chic friend Jocelyn Cheng (in black) relies on her run in Central Park “to clear my head in the morning and start the day.” You go, girl!  That must be where your gorgeous glow comes from too, Jocelyn!  Can’t beat the price, either.

7. Chaise Fitness — chaisefitness.com

We heart Chaise, for a few reasons.  It’s a body-sculpting mix of Ballet, Pilates and Aerobics, with much focus on the core.  The staff and instructors are incredibly nice and don’t yell at you when you’re late (or when you’re doing something wrong).  And the Chaise “Reinvention” method was created by a lovely mother/daughter team, Lauren and Rachel Piskin, in response to the havoc that professional dancing had wreaked on Rachel’s body.  www.chaisefitness.com

8. Holly Rilinger Fitness Revolution — hollyrilinger.com

We haven’t personally met Holly, but lots of our friends worship at the altar of Holly’s workout and her motivational style.  She also has cool playlists and other words of wisdom on her website (e.g. “Sleep is the foundation of health”) that we find informative. And, Holly is a 5’4″ former WNBA player, which means she knows about getting what you want.  Against the odds.

9. Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon — movementsalon.com

The Pilates and Gyrotonics are good here.  But we’re really writing about Sal’s because the massages are AMAZING.  And not expensive, by NYC standards.

10. Our friend Micol’s go-to workout:

“A visit to Russ + Daughters.  Because lox.”  We love you, Micol!


Happy long weekend, everyone.


The HEUCY Team