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Oscars Inspiration…and Validation

Neil Patrick Harris

As we develop our next collection, we found last night’s bevy of Oscar beauties very inspiring.  This would include Neil Patrick Harris (nee Doogie Howser), who seems to only improve with age.  Not sure if he’s doing the paleo diet, but we should research. (We also loved Patricia Arquette’s speech on equal pay for women, natch).

But I digress.  We picked some of our favorite looks from last night and wanted to share them with you.  Feel free to comment.  Many of us can’t afford the Chopard jewels and the hand-sewn couture gowns…but fortunately, a lot of the “trends” from last night do translate to everyday dressing.  Specifically, in terms of qualities we always consider here at HEUCY when designing new garments.  Such as:

1. Showing a little leg.  I think the average price of one of these gowns is in the five figures.  HEUCY’s Date Night dress with revealing side zipper is under $200, and because it’s jersey, you can wear it on the plane to the 2016 Oscars event and it won’t wrinkle.  A true bargain, if you ask me.

RosemarylegshowingNicole Kidman leg showing2chrissyEmma Stone leg showing

2. Collarbones.  This may be the most flattering part of a woman’s body, and we like to show it off in a lot of our styles.  Lupita’s (yes, in our dreams she’s in a HEUCY dress and we’re on a first name basis) take on showing off her decolletage is super chic.

Lupita Nyongo collarbone

3. Shoulders.  Another area where you can’t really gain weight.  We thought Reese’s dress was grown up but young at the same time, which is a “look” we always try to go with in HEUCY’s designs.


4. As Many Shades of Grey (or Gray) As You Want.  Laura Dern and Naomi Watts’ gorgeous dresses reminded us why we chose to produce the Spring ’15 Date Night and jumpsuit in a grey bamboo microstripe.  50 stripes of grey is good for any girl, since this color is universally flattering and a bit more uplifting than black.  (Even though we’re huge proponents of black, just not all of the time).


5. Black.  Oh, wait, did we just mention we don’t wear black all of the time?  It’s sort of an 80/20 mix these days.


Cate Blanchett…doesn’t f’ around.  The next time we throw on the HEUCY Core collection, we’re pairing it with turquoise.  Maybe she’ll loan that necklace to us!

Until then…here’s a link to the full list of last night’s winners courtesy of ET Online. http://www.etonline.com/awards/oscars/160085_oscars_2015_full_winners_list/

We fell asleep somewhere between sound mixing and best picture.  Dreaming of the next collection, so we can bring a little practical glamour to your lives.  Stay tuned!


The HEUCY Team

It’s National Australia Day…Let’s Celebrate with Our Top Ten

According to Wikipedia, today marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, Australia, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at that site.  Since this may be perceived as good by some people, and not-so-good by others…we thought we’d keep it light and celebrate the holiday by listing our very Top Ten Favorite Things About Australia.  Here goes.


#1. It’s warmer in Australia than it is here right now.  It’s around 67 degrees Fahrenheit in Sydney.  I’ll admit it, I’m feeling a little bitter right now.  Sorry, Aussies, but it’s true.


#2. Dead Calm.  This edge-of-your-seat thriller is one of the best, in our opinion.  We love seeing Nicole Kidman in her pre-Cruise days.  Also makes us wonder, where did Billy Zane go?


#3. The final scenes of Point Break, where Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi chases “the hundred year storm” on Bells Beach.  Or was it Bondi Beach?  It’s been debated…but this we know.  If you are looking for mindless, fun entertainment, then this movie will set you up right.


#4. Australian and Harper’s BAZAAR writer Laura Brown’s very funny musings in BAZAAR and on Instagram and Twitter.  This chick is #witty and we would love to see her in one of our jumpsuits.  Follow her if you want to laugh: @laurabrown99


#5. Koala bears.  Fun fact: these adorable (and yes, believe it, sometimes fierce) furry creatures dine on eucalyptus, which is the source material for some of HEUCY’s super-soft, comfy and sustainable fabric.


#6. INXS.  This band shaped our pre-teen years.  The good, the bad and the ugly.


#7. Gallipoli.  An amazing Australian film starring a very young and handsome Mel Gibson (pre-apparent breakdown and drinking problem…or at least it wasn’t public then).  Gibson plays an Australian sprinter sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during World War I.  It’s gripping.


#8. The Australian Open.  Which is happening now through Feb. 1.


#9. Cate Blanchett.  We know she wears couture to most events, but this lady — in addition to being one of the most talented actresses on the planet — is a major multi-tasker.  She has three kids, is co-artistic director of the Sydney Theater Company with her husband and she won an Oscar last year for her spot-on performance of a wronged Upper East Side lady-who-lunches in Blue Jasmine.  Oh, and she played Bob Dylan in a movie.  And she played Queen Elizabeth, our Tudor version of a HEUCY Gal.  The list is endless.  HEUCY hearts Cate.


#10. Tim Tams.  According to CNN, “Arnott’s (which produces Tim Tams) say that around 35 million packs are sold each year.  That’s 400 million biscuits at an average of 1.7 packs per Australian.”  And now, thank goodness, you can find these delicious chocolate biscuits in most supermarkets stateside!  Stock up before the storm, you won’t regret it.

Stay warm today if you’re north of the Mason Dixon…and envision yourself having shrimp cocktail on Bondi Beach!  Some day…


The HEUCY Team