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Topic du Jour: Photography…and Forty


Yesterday we had a really great time photographing two HEUCY Gals in our Spring 2015 styles.

Our first stop was the SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone, www.sltnyc.com) headquarters in Manhattan. Amanda Freeman, super-successful (and game-for-anything) entrepreneur and health and wellness expert, was kind enough to model a couple of new HEUCY looks in SLT’s bright, happy, sunlit offices.


Then we headed downtown to Tribeca, to photograph Claudia Wu of Cherry Bombe magazine (www.cherrybombe.com). Claudia and her co-editor, HEUCY Gal Kerry Diamond, worked at Bazaar together and launched Cherry Bombe because they love food and they love interesting women. (In their words, they profile women in their magazine who “do cool shit”…in the kitchen and in life in general). Naturally, this makes us love Claudia and Kerry because we are kindred spirits. The Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference is on March 29th and we’re so sad to miss it, partly because our gourmet spirit guide Ina Garten will be speaking on a panel. And they’ll be celebrating women and food, which are two of our favorite topics always, in all ways.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.59.01 AM

Sometimes it helps when your models are friends, and not real models (even though they look like they should be)…because you can talk about “real” things and laugh and actually connect with each other.

Case in point. Throughout the day, our conversation kept going back to age, especially at SLT where a bunch of hard bodies were sweating it out on reformers while I debated what I would eat for lunch. Our photographer Vanessa (who also happens to be a playwrite and a mom and a wife and ergo pretty darn cool) turned 40 last year, one of our fave HEUCY Gals Alice turned 40 the day of the shoot (sorry to out you, Alice). And I’m skidding toward that birthday in September. It made me think, what do I want to do when I’m 40? Does it need to be something “big” and impactful…or do those big and impactful things happen over time? And is part of “maturing” accepting that we will never be perfect? We spend a lot of cumulative minutes and hours beating ourselves up for not doing enough, not “making it happen”…which is a waste of precious time and headspace.

It also happens to be International Women’s Week this week, which is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the real world out there and our place in it. I came across a great quote to share that makes sense whether you’re 25, 40, 65, older or somewhere in between. Because we know that HEUCY Gals come in all shapes, sizes and age groups. Which is what makes you so awesome.

Here’s the quote of the day, from Alyssa Goodman, Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University and Research Associate of the Smithsonian Institution (we’re not messing around):

The thing that’s grand about spending your time thinking about the universe is that it makes you feel insignificant. I don’t mean that in a bad way. If you understand that we’ve now discovered entire solar systems that contain planets similar to Earth, and that those are just the ones we know about, since most of the stars we’ve looked at are within about 300 light-years of Earth and the distance to the center of our galaxy is nearly 100 times that—then you realize that the laundry you’ve left undone and the dumb thing you said yesterday are about as significant as slime mold.

Enjoy your day, no matter what birthday is coming up!  And thank you again, Amanda and Claudia, for being such exceptional HEUCY Gals and models!


The HEUCY Team

A HEUCY Gal’s Guide to Miami: Pools, Food, Art & Play…Like the Locals Do


Team HEUCY will be escaping the New York City freeze-fest later this month to take a trip to Miami. (Trust us, it’s a well-deserved break and should inspire a mini Summer collection).


We asked one of our favorite HEUCY Gals, photographer Claire Nitze, to give us her Miami travel guide. Claire lived in Miami before moving to Brooklyn and photographed an amazing series called Miami Façade, which we’ve featured here. We love Claire’s photos because they’re beautiful and they represent the real texture and soul of neighborhoods in Miami that have since been gentrified. You can see the entire series of photographs (and purchase) on Claire’s website, www.clairenitze.com.


We think Claire’s work — and her taste — is amazing, so we’re thrilled to have her “best of” Miami on-hand!  Enjoy.


juvia miami

– Juvia: This has the best view of Miami Beach and is a special spot for drinks or dinner outside and above it all. Go early and catch the sunset.


– Mandolin: Yummy Greek restaurant in the design district, but refreshingly very “un-design-y” and lowkey. Tucked away, charming, with great outdoor seating.

michael's genuine

– Michael’s Genuine: Michael is the best chef in Miami, hands down. His food is creative, inspiring, fun, and fresh. This place has a great vibe and terrific drinks.

Icebox Cafe Bar Photo Credit Nicole Franzen

– Icebox Cafe: A light-filled soothing restaurant for breakfast, lunch, coffee, or dinner. This is where the locals go…


– Lucali’s: Brooklyn’s outpost. This is the best pizza in Brooklyn AND Miami. Brick oven and delicious. Also a local favorite.

The Broken Shaker outside 2

– Broken Shaker: This is a hidden gem. Undiscovered and casually romantic. Glitzy folks don’t go here. Throwback style, bohemian cool.  Hidden in the open courtyard of the Freehand Hostel on Indian Creek Drive, this is a perfect place to kick off an evening  – or stay all night. Craft drinks, bite-sized eats, and a very mellow and appealing vibe.


– SoHo House: lovely and relaxing


– Casa Tua…if you can get in! Not sure if this is still a “members only” restaurant, but the buidling exudes chic charm, and I’ve always wanted to dine at the long chefs table in facing the kitchen. But a romantic courtyard table is also a score.

Don’t Miss: 


– Design District for fancy shopping (this is not my bag, but it’s a crazy set of high end shops)


– Perez Art Museum for incredible modern art and a great view of Biscayne Bay. The building itself is worth going to just to sit on the giant steps facing Miami Beach and gazing at the water. Good lunch restaurant, too. Amazing Ai Weiwei sculptures.


– Wynwood Walls for outdoor graffiti art like you’ve never seen before

– Gorilla Coffee (Miami Beach location and/or Wynwood location) – a great local scene of creative Miamians.


-New World Symphony’s WALLCAST – Go to nws.edu for a calendar of outdoor events that are presented on a soaring, 7,000-square-foot projection wall.  Frank Gehry designed the Center.


– Biking or strolling down the beach and boardwalk NORTH and SOUTH of 17th street.


– Cute boutique shopping (a few) on Purdy Avenue (near Ice Box Cafe and Gorilla coffee…this is truly where the locals hang out).  Lots of 20/30 somethings, and it’s mellower than Lincoln Road and Collins Ave.

Fun Hotels to walk through the lobbies of and out back…

delano hotel

– Delano

the raleigh

– Raleigh


– W


– Shore Club


– Setai

We hope these pics of pools will warm up your day, too!  We’re daydreaming of sitting next to one of these pools, in dresses from the Spring Collection (coming soon!), drinking some sort of sweet beverage…


The HEUCY Team

HEUCY Gals Galore!


Yesterday was a #HEUCYGal extravaganza!  We photographed some of our favorite ladies in their own HEUCY…and asked them to style it their way.  Nicola wore Chanel booties, Andy wore Manolos…and Susan, our factory owner, wore some super-cool sneakers with her #AlterEgo jumpsuit.  Susan also brought another accessory — her two daughters — to the shoot!


These HEUCY Gals brought some other important items — their personalities and a sense of humor — to the shoot, which made yesterday inspiring in so many ways.  We had some champagne and chatted about all of the different, interesting things everyone is doing.  Cards were exchanged.  Nicola recently launched a men’s styling business called Harrison Style, and she’s writing for “Downtown” magazine on the side.  Vanessa’s photography business is taking off, and we shot in her new studio space.  Andy is a super-agent working on insanely cool projects and the Snyder sisters continue to quickly make their way up the ladder at Google.  Jerry, our makeup artist, was joking that his 28th birthday was a few days earlier…and when I thought about it, I realized that I’m reaching 40 soon but the really interesting journey is just getting started.  (Apologies if this sounds cheesy…but it comes from the heart).


Here at HEUCY, we’ve been incredibly encouraged and excited by the support our collection has gotten.  And our success would not be possible without women like these HEUCY Gals.  Thank you, Erika, Kate, Nicola, Andy and Susan for letting us photograph you!  And for making HEUCY yours…because our concept is built around enabling women like you — women with full, crazy, interesting, busy lives — to do what you do, without having to worry about the little things.  Who has time for that, anyway?

Have a great weekend!


The HEUCY Team