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#TBT: Dove Real Beauty Campaign


Do you remember the Dove Real Beauty Campaign from 2004?  We recall thinking, at the time, how revolutionary it was to put “real” models in a beauty ad.  It was so refreshing!  And the campaign is still as relevant now (a decade later!) as it was then.

The video below, one of Dove’s recent “Real Beauty Sketches”, emphasizes an important point.  We need to stop focusing on what we want to change about ourselves — such as losing weight, or getting rid of wrinkles we may or may not have — and enjoy the things we like.  Who has time for negative thoughts, anyway?  A healthy self-image really does impact everyone in our lives…colleagues, friends, partners, spouses, children, family, strangers.

Today’s #TBT is a big thank you to the Dove #WeAreBeautiful marketing team!  Here at HEUCY, we hope that our clothes make you feel as good as this campaign makes us feel.