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Staying “Connected”…with actual humans

HEUCY attended Randi Zinn’s #beyondmommixer last night, and we were so impressed by the planning that went into it.  In particular, Randi’s intention behind who she wanted to include, and how best to “connect” people who may have common goals, career paths, etc.  Thanks, Randi, for including us in such a worthwhile and fun event!  We also just read a great article in the New York Times about IRL social clubs and Dinner with Bevy, and other “dinner party” networking events where people actually talk and eat together. Physically. In person.  Sometimes they even dance!


This week’s theme has become (somewhat unintentionally) about people actually interacting and connecting in “real life” — not just through Instagram, or Twitter, or any other type of social media.  Disclaimer: HEUCY loves Instagram, and all of those other things…but as the weekend approaches, let’s think about putting down our phones and enjoying some literal “face time” with friends and loved ones.

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Shameless promo opportunity: the HEUCY Date Night dress is a great way to “connect” with a loved one.  Adjustable side zipper and all…TGIF!


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