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Travel and The Classics…

hartmann eventHartmann Couple

Last night, the HEUCY Team had the pleasure of presenting our Debut AW 14/15 Collection at a really fabulous Hartmann Luggage store opening event.  The champagne was flowing, and there were beautiful people everywhere.  Including models carrying luggage, like our #HartmannHottie here.  (Side note: we are both happily married, but couldn’t resist a selfie with this guy).


Maybe it was the free drinks, or the ambiance, or the fact that I was wearing my mom’s vintage Chanel pumps.  But we started to talk about “travel” in general and one thing that seems to be making a welcome comeback: actually dressing like a grown-up when you go to the airport.  We’re very happy to see fewer people in sweatpants at LaGuardia these days.


The event was at Casa Lever, and there was a very 1950s/early “Mad Men” feel to it.  The models wearing HEUCY looked so sophisticated and chic.  If this chick misses her flight, I don’t think the attendant is going to turn her away.  And maybe she’ll get an extra bag of Terra Blue chips, too!  Just for looking great.

It also occurred to us that classics like Hartmann luggage have updated their look, but they’re still around after 150 years.  I remember when my sister got her first Hartmann luggage set when she turned 17, and it was this amazing moment for her.  She felt like she had “arrived”…and she still uses her Hartmann bags, almost thirty years later.  (Sorry for aging ya, G).  This is so inspiring.  At HEUCY, we want to create something similarly “classic” — timeless, flattering silhouettes that pair well with your mom’s vintage fur coat, and your new Celine splurge, and a jean jacket you had back in the ’80s.


“Travel” can also mean going from Manhattan to Fort Greene, and needing to dress the part — by trading our #PerfectTen for the #AlterEgo jumpsuit!  Whether you’re traveling a short or long distance, HEUCY wholeheartedly supports seeing and experiencing things that are outside of your comfort zone.  This is why we are so bullish about making versatile, wearable, packable and chic clothing for today’s woman-on-the-go.


I’ll be traveling to Rome with my husband in a couple of days, and taking my HEUCY along with me.  Five days, a few HEUCY outfits, a scarf and my good camera.  That’s about it.  Check The Blog and @heucydotcom for updates and our Rome Travel Guide, coming soon!


The HEUCY Team