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French. Translated.

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At HEUCY, we are crushing on French women in general.  They defy our 21st century puritanical “wisdom” — dairy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine and cigarettes seem to make these women look better than us.  While we drink our green juices and pound out e-mails and cross off to-do lists, our counterparts in Paris are eating steak frites and having boozy lunches.  (Our biggest girl crush now is Mimi Thorisson, whose blog Manger is a must-read for any HEUCY Gal.  She cooks, parents, works, writes, grows wine…and clearly enjoys eating.  Love her.)


I know this isn’t news to anyone.  Countless books and articles have been written on the topic.  So why am I writing about it now?  Well, HEUCY thinks the most inspiring thing about French ladies is their ability to look great — nay, amazing — at all times of the day.  Their casual, “day” dressing looks chic and effortless.  You don’t see a lot of workout gear on the Champs Elysees.  And French women prove that it’s possible to keep a few, well-made pieces — a uniform — in the closet, and use your personal style to make your clothes, and YOU, look great.  HEUCY wants to bring this French ethos to American ladies who are craving the same French look…via thoughtful, American-made garments.  Because, guess what?  American women are pretty awesome too.  Yes, that would be you 🙂

Here’s our across-the-pond translation of the HEUCY #ProblemSolver going from day-to-night…this is a dress that screams “Audrey Tatou cute meets Marion Cotillard cool meets the reality of modern woman’s crazy life.”  And in the spirit of classic, timeless dressing, all of the accessories are “HEUCY’s own” — including the martini fixins for a night out on the town and our fave @wilburandgussie bag.


Enjoy the week.  And the weeknights!


The HEUCY Team

The HEUCY Gal’s Guide to Being Organized: Five Awesome Apps

Did any of you wake up this morning and realize, Wait — there is a time change in effect…and it’s also November?!  How did that happen??!  As we cruise through the busy days and weeks of Fall, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed and disorganized.


Some of our favorite HEUCY Gals don’t have any trouble staying organized, because it’s just part of their makeup.  Karen John, the visionary behind HEARTWORK (heartwork.com), modern furniture and accessories designed for creative and inspiring workspaces, credits her work for keeping her act together.  And Anna Harrington, who could look cool and put together in a paper bag and is always on top of her game, says it’s just part of her personality.  She must be a Virgo.  And maybe she has some apps under her sleeve.

Fortunately, technology can really help those of us who like to make lists but may not remember where we put them.  Here’s our top five favorite Apps to help you stay organized.  Most are free and these apps — in addition to our HEUCY uniform, natch — can indeed help you manage the chaos!

1. Dashlane — www.dashlane.com — keeps all of your logins and passwords in one place.  This is a great tool for those of us (i.e. moi) who are prompted for passwords several times a day…and who rarely remember them.  Dashlane has a free password manager that allows you to easily import your passwords into a secure vault, so you never have to type a password on any of your devices ever again.  Sold.

2. Key Ring — www.keyringapp.com — stores all of your rewards info (like the Duane Reade/Wallgreen’s card you can never find at checkout) on your phone.  So you don’t have to carry cards around or wonder where they are.  You can just scan your phone in the store.  For real.

3. Evernote — www.evernote.com — is a super user-friendly interface where you can organize all of your notes and paperwork. You can type to-do lists, scan in whole documents, insert pictures and videos into your notes and then automatically sync everything between your smartphone and your computer, so it’s all stored online.  No more pieces of paper lying around.  Woo hoo!

4. Remember the Milk — www.rememberthemilk.com — is an app we love because we are always forgetting to buy milk, or lightbulbs…or, most recently, a bath stopper.  This tool allows you to organize your tasks by day, priority, type (work, home, kids), etc. AND you can send yourself reminders by email and text message.  It makes it very, very difficult to forget important (and not-so-important) to do’s that keep falling by the wayside.

5. Glam Squad — www.glamsquad.com — is an on-demand, at-home beauty service.  We know, we know, this is not a list-making tool…but it can help you look pretty without having to leave home.  And saving time like that is definitely one way to get organized!  HEUCY Gal Kim likes to use Glam Squad and she always looks gorgeous, so we’ll follow her lead on this one.

Happy Sunday!


The HEUCY Team