Early week inspiration: Stephen Sills’ NY Apartment

S sills apartment

HEUCY loved this past Sunday’s New York Times T Magazine profile of Stephen Sills, and his gorgeous apartment in Manhattan.  It’s chic utility and timeless elegance rolled into a not-too-large space.  We love how Sills has reinvented his place a few times since he moved in, almost 30 years ago.  Take what you have, and make it a little bit different to suit your needs.  But always be original.

Check out the article and photos if you haven’t yet (link below), for a little creative jolt!

Happy Monday.


HEUCY’s Whitney Tour — It’s All in the Details…

One of the amazing things about living in NYC — in addition to manicures on every corner and delivery anywhere, anytime — is having access to really extraordinary art.  Our friend Dana, who is a curator at the Whitney Museum and a HEUCY gal in the first order (big job, two kids, great sense of humor) took us on a private tour of the Jeff Koons exhibit as well as one that she had curated.  The Koons show was amazing, of course…but we were really struck by Dana’s show and some of the artists she profiled.  Dana made a point to include influential female artists, in addition to other big names like Twombly and Warhol.

Ruth_Asawa_Number1-1955 Ruth_Asawa_Number1-1955.1

We found Ruth Asawa’s brass and steel wire sculpture, “Number 1 – 1955” especially inspiring.  As we finish up production of the HEUCY AW 14/15 Debut Collection, it’s all about paying attention to details.  Asawa created a crochet effect using wire, and the detail you see here is amazing.  The transparency in Asawa’s work also speaks to the HEUCY philosophy!

Agnes_Martin_The Islands

Agnes Martin’s “The Islands” — a twelve part series — was also incredibly moving.  From far away, each painting looks white and monochromatic…but when you look closer, you see subtle horizontal bands of color.  Martin insisted that every piece be exhibited together, because the paintings are more impactful together.  Kind of like the HEUCY uniform, eh?

Lastly, a shot of the Koons exhibit.  Don’t you wonder how many people have tried to touch this?


She’s all grown up

As most of you probably know, Emma Watson recently launched the UN HeforShe campaign with an amazing speech on gender equality.  Her talk has been getting lots of press over the past couple of days, for good reason!  It’s a very fresh take on a much-discussed topic, that is usually (here we go again, yawn) about women vs. men or vice versa.  Here at HEUCY, we love seeing how Emma has transitioned herself from “the Harry Potter girl” to a humanitarian with a real POV, taking a stance as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.  Go, Emma!

Why are girls called “bossy” if they take charge, and boys are just called “assertive”?  This is indeed something for women and men to work on, together.

Side note: the HEUCY Perfect Ten dress may have been more comfortable than that suit, but there’s always next time…

Spinning (Eco-Textiles) in Los Angeles

58 days until launch

Like Soul Cycle, spinning (eco-fibers) locally can help you breathe better. The HEUCY debut collection will be using two ecologically sound natural fibers derived from wood – Tencel and Modal (both certified sustainable by Lenzing) for our base fabrications. Our garments made from these fibers are going to make you look and feel tres chic while also minimizing the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Here’s why –

Tencel is made with wood pulp from sustainable eucalyptus tree farms. Tencel textiles are created through an award-winning closed-loop process using milestone technology producing a fabric that is 100% biodegradable and certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council.

Modal is extracted from beech wood which puts down very deep roots and is thought to be unbeatable when it comes to improving the soil. Beech groves are also completely sustainable sources because the beech tree multiply by “rejuvenation” – requiring no planting or irrigation. Modal is the most luxurious cellulose fiber – soft, smooth, silky and so light that you hardly feel it.

I was able to visit our wonderful fabric supplier in Los Angeles this week. Here are pictures of their facilities – they are spinning, knitting, treating, dyeing and finishing the fabric right here in the USA.





Downtown LA – LOVE!



60 days until launch

Today I had the pleasure of cruising around the Fashion District of Downtown LA meeting with fabric vendors and factories.  In between I got to enjoy some really cool hip spots (highlights pictured below).  I have to admit, I was actually shocked at how cool this neighborhood has become!  I am ageing myself, but I used to travel out here for work a decade ago – and hip certainly would not have been a word I use to describe the vibe then. Now there are so many cool restaurants and bars, all sorts of boutiques and coffee shops – it is definitely HIP – they even have a subway system that people use! I love the mix of the new and the old – and all the different architecture artfully co-mingled together.

Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, originally built as the United Artists Building and later known as the Texaco Building, great place to do a working lunch. When in Rome…I had the kale salad.  It was very good.


IMG_1920Bottega Louie Restaurant and Gourmet Market & Patisserie – an absolutely stunning spot in the Brockman Building (a 12-story Classical and Romanesque Revival building located in Downtown).  I want to live in this place.